Pobal announces Community Climate Action Programme Strand 2 (Ireland)

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Pobal announces Community Climate Action Programme Strand 2 (Ireland)

Deadline: 14-Jan-22

The Climate Education, Capacity Building and Learning by Doing, of the Community Climate Action Programme is now open to not for profit organisations, non-government organisations, universities, third level institutions, community and voluntary organisations, social enterprises and libraries.

The government recognises that supporting ambitious climate actions is necessary to ensure a sustainable future nationally and globally. The government acknowledges the vital role of citizens and communities in addressing climate change.

The purpose of this funding is to facilitate eligible organisations to collaboratively develop supports, tools, know-how and approaches to assist local communities take climate action. The strand focus is on climate education, capacity building and learning by doing – moving beyond ‘raising awareness’ to build the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values necessary to respond to the challenges of climate change at a community level. It is necessary for successful proposals to demonstrate inclusivity in design and practice, so that no one is left behind.

Strategic Objectives
Overall Objective: Build capacity and know-how within communities to develop low carbon communities and further engage in Climate Action.
Knowledge and shared learning: To increase awareness and understanding of climate change, leading to communities taking practical actions that will have a positive and lasting impact on climate change.
Reach and reducing isolation, poverty: To provide support to communities to encourage inclusivity, partnership and participation by all communities in addressing the climate change challenge with a targeted focus on ensuring that no member of the community is left behind.
Measurable impact: To provide support for communities to enable them to develop and roll out projects that contribute to Ireland’s climate and energy targets and transition to a low carbon economy under five key themes.
Lasting Impact: To provide support to communities to empower them to change behaviours and habits in relation to climate change that will continue after the project is completed.
There are five themes:

Food and Waste
Shopping and Recycling
Local Climate and Environmental Action
Funding Information
€5m has been made available by the Department of Environment, Climate and Communications.
Amount of grant that you can apply for:
€50,000 to €100,000 (up to 18 month proposal)
€101,000 to €500,000 (up to 36 month proposal)
Eligibility Criteria
Governing documents e.g. Memorandum and Articles of Association
Tax Registration Number (TRN)
Tax Clearance Access Number (TCAN)
Companies Registration Office Number (CRO)
Registered Charity Number (RCN) (if applicable)
Signed 2020 Annual Financial Statements
Details of your board – names, roles and expertise
Details of partner organisations
Identify a lead partner who will be the applicant and the contract holder (if applicable)
Job Descriptions (if applicable)
Organisation Chart/Organogram/Organigram
Details of funding received in the last three years from Exchequer, EU or Philanthropic sources (year, name of programme, funder)
To be eligible for consideration organisations must:
Be a “Not-for-Profit” organisation
Have a legal status in the Republic of Ireland e.g. A company limited by guarantee, charitable trust or unincorporated association.
Organisations must have a Companies’ Registration Office number or an Industrial Provident Society number or a Registered Charity Number in Ireland. If your organisation is in the process of completing their CRO registration and has a Registered Charity Number, the organisation is eligible to apply. It must have a least one of these numbers in place at the time of application.
All applicants must demonstrate they will engage with local community organisations and the ultimate beneficiaries of their proposal in communities in Ireland.
Be operating in Ireland on or before 1 January 2020.
Have 3 years relevant experience in managing projects and public funding.
To be eligible to apply for funding, organisations need to operating at a National or Regional level. Including:
Not-for-profit organisations
Non-Government Organisations
Community and Voluntary or Charitable Organisations
Social Enterprises
Universities, Third Level Institutions of Education
For more information, visit https://www.pobal.ie/programmes/community-climate-action-programme-climate-education-capacity-building-and-learning-by-doing-strand-2/