Positive Action Community Grants – United States

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Positive Action Community Grants – United States

Deadline: 27-Aug-21

Through Positive Action Community Grants (PACG), ViiV Healthcare supports community-led efforts to increase engagement in prevention and care, address stigma and build trust in HIV care among communities most disproportionately impacted by HIV and AIDS.

Organizations applying to Positive Action Community Grants may request funding for General Operating Support, Special Events Sponsorships, or Project Support.
In light of the impact COVID-19 has had on organizations and those they serve; Positive Action Community Grants funding may be requested to support efforts to respond and adapt to the pandemic. Funding may be requested as part of general operating or program requests to fund program adjustments, personal protective equipment (PPE), technology, emergency supplies, and other specific projects/efforts that ensure people living with HIV or AIDS have access to the care and resources they need.
Programmatic resources will be available for organizations with plans to:
Expand networks and safe spaces for people living with and vulnerable to HIV. For example:
Formal and informal networks of people and/or organizations that share information, build leadership, provide support and address critical gaps in HIV prevention and care
Alliances, coalitions and spaces that support individuals and/or groups to come together from different places and across key populations
HIV-related outreach events that reach families, families of choice, allies and friends
Enhance resources to linkage and re-linkage to prevention, treatment and care services in places where essential needs are being met and coordinated efforts are pivotal. For example:
Increased navigation services that expand access to education, prevention and care at the intersection of HIV and prisons, substance use, sex work, housing, food security and mental health
Training and leadership development for peer and non-peer navigators, case managers and program staff to address critical gaps, collaborate and meet the needs of those they serve
Fuel advocacy that expands affirming care and changes the dynamics that drive HIV disparities. For example:
Partnerships, coalitions, organizing and plans that can expand access at the intersection of HIV and mental health, housing, economic empowerment and substance use
Community-led feedback loops, cultural humility training and advocacy to expand affirming care
Arts, culture, outreach and narrative change efforts that amplify the voices of people living with HIV, address stigma and share critical prevention and care information
Funding Information
Organizations can request between $10,000 – $250,000 per year, for up to three years.

Individual projects, executed by one organization, are eligible for grants up to $150,0000 per year.
Proposed projects that include formal partnerships and collaborative ideas are eligible for grants of up to $250,000 per eligible organization/per collaboration.
Eligibility Criteria
Chicago-based organizations working to disrupt disparities existing in HIV services are eligible to apply for grants.
At minimum, eligible nonprofit organizations must meet all of the following criteria, and/or engage a Fiscal Sponsor that meets all of the following criteria:
Be a 501(c)(3) Internal Revenue Service (IRS)-designated nonprofit organization;
Be located in the U.S. or Puerto Rico;
Provide programs and support primarily to those persons or communities impacted by or affected by HIV in the U.S.;
Received no more than 25% of your total operating budget (total annual revenue) in 2020 from ViiV Healthcare and anticipate the same for 2021;
Organizations applying for the grant must be the same organization receiving the funds and must be responsible for the implementation and management of the project.
For more information, visit https://viivhealthcare.com/en-us/positive-action-community-grants/

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