PPG Industries, Inc. recruits 01  Administrative and Accounting Manager

PPG Indt, In. t 01  Admntatv and Aontng Manag

A Admntatv and Aontng Manag H/F, (Sngal – ad n Daka) yo wll hav fo man mon, nd th dton of th Admntatv and Rgonal Fnanal Dto, to pv all aontng opaton, fnanal and admntatv apt of th ntp.

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Etalhng gnal and analytal aontng, tax, and oal dlaaton. Managng tax, oal and tom ontol of th tad dpatmnt. Patpatng n th ppaaton of th dgt, of th ya- nd fnanal tatmnt of th tax pakag. Ladng ponal managmnt n laton wth th Hman Ro dpatmnt. Takng pat n th pdatng and ontno mpovmnt of ntnal ontol and opatonal po.


Povn wok xpn of mnmm 3-6 ya on a mla poton wth dpth knowldg of fnan, aontng and managmnt. Atonomo, paonat and dplnd, yo hav th alty to adapt yolf and know how to wok ffntly n a png nvonmnt. W xpt fom yo xllnt latonal kll. Yo a ognzd fo yo ngagmnt and tom ontaton! Yo a omfotal wth IT tool (Pak Off, Pow Pont, SAP…)

PPG povd qal oppotnty to all anddat and mploy. W off an oppotnty to gow and dvlop yo a n an nvonmnt that povd a flfllng wokpla fo mploy, at an nvonmnt fo ontno lanng, and ma th da and dvty of oth. All qalfd applant wll v ondaton fo mploymnt wthot gad to x, pgnany, a, olo, d, lgon, natonal ogn, ag, dalty tat, matal tat, xal ontaton, gnd dntty o xpon.

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Po potl à pot vllz vt  ppg.fal.ltmnd.om .

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