PUI recruits 01 Field Coordinator Al Kufra (Remote)

PUI t 01 Fld Coodnato Al Kfa (Rmot) ad n Tn

Statng Dat : Novm 2020

Loaton : Bad n Tn, Tna

Daton of Mon : 6 month

Pmè Ugn Intnatonal (PUI)   a non-govnmntal, non-poft, non-poltal and non-lgo ntnatonal ad oganzaton. PUI tam a ommttd to ppot vlan vtm of magnalzaton and xlon, o ht y natal dat, wa o onom ollap, y anwng th fndamntal nd. O am to povd mgny lf to pootd popl n od to hlp thm ov th dgnty and gan lf-ffny. Th Aoaton lad n avag 200 pojt y ya n th followng to of ntvnton: food ty, halth, ntton, ontton and haltaton of nfatt; wat, antaton and hygn, and onom ovy. PUI povd atan to aond 6 mllon popl n 23 ont – n th Caan, Afa, Aa, Mddl Eat, Eatn Eop and Fan.

Fnd ot aot o htoy and val.


Gnal Contxt:

Lya, a motly dt and ol-h onty wth an annt htoy, ha mo ntly n known fo th 42-ya l of th mal Colonl Mamma Gaddaf – and th hao that ha followd h dpat (BBC, 2019). Th onty ha plntd, and n 2014 ha n dvdd nto omptng poltal and mltay faton ad n Tpol and th at. Among th ky lad a Pm Mnt  Fayz Saaj , had of th ntnatonally-ognd govnmnt n Tpol,  Khalfa Hafta ; lad of th Lyan Natonal Amy, whh ontol mh of atn Lya; Aghla Salh, pak of th  Ho of Rpntatv  ad n th atn ty of Tok; and Khald Mh, th ltd had of th  Hgh Stat Conl  n Tpol.

Hmantaan onqn :

In 2020, th hmantaan taton n Lya nangly omplx. Th potatd nat of th onflt vly mpat on popl’ wllng and lvlhood. Poltal talmat ha ltd n a govnan vam, and opld wth wdpad voln and nty, nldng dt attak on pl nfatt, nldng halth a nfatt, and hav dptd th onomy and pl v dlvy ao th onty. Fthmo, pk n voln, h a th alaton of onflt n Tpol n Apl 2019 and lah n Mzq n Agt 2019, hav ltd n nad vlan aalt and fth dplamnt (HNO, 2020).

Ao th onty, ov 301,000 Lyan man dplad, nldng 128,000 popl d to th Tpol onflt, vng th dlnng tnd n dplamnt. A dplamnt ha nad, o ha th nm of Lyan who a tnng to th hom, aond 447,000 popl. Lvng ondton, nldng a to lan dnkng wat ( 36%  of HH pot lmtd a to ffnt wat), mdal v ( 22%  of PHF a lod,  33%  of PHF lak of ntal mdn), and af hong (aond 4,000 IDP a n nd of hlt) hav all dgadd d to th potatd taton n th onty, patlaly fo womn and hldn (HNO, 2020).

Dpt th , Lya man an attatv dtnaton fo mgant wok d to an onomy that l on fogn lao, hgh ala and htoal t, a wll a ng a tantoy ot fo popl kng oppotnt o aylm n Eop. An tmatd 655,000 fg and mgant a n Lya, nldng 48,000 gtd fg and aylm k. Howv, fg and mgant ontn to xpod to potton k, hman ght volaton, xplotaton and a (HNO, 2020).


Al Kfa  hot aond  60,000 popl  lvng n val aa and vllag. Al Jawf (Kfa Cty) onttt th man ty and gath mo than th half of th total poplaton. Kfa aa ffng patlaly y t motn (mo than 1,000Km away fom Bnghaz), lo to th Egyptan, Sdan and Chadan od. Th ondng aa a lagly dt and paly poplatd t t poxmty to th 3 od mak t an mpotant tatg aa, a ooad of amd gop and mo ntly a h fo hman taffkng and mgaton.

Bfo th gnnng of PUI opatonal pn n Kfa n Dm 2019, th aa wa ot of th op of ntvnton of ntnatonal ato, d n pat to motn, and tll ff fom gnfant nglt on half of natonal athot. Alo,Dynam n Al Kfa a fagl n ng ot of onflt twn T and Zway n 2011. Th a lmtd a to a v and hgh nmploymnt at. Th poplaton of Al Kfa hav lmtd a to fftv  halth   v  d to th lak of klld ponnl and th lak of ntal dg and onmal. Th motn of om loaton na th halth vlnalty of th poplaton.

Sn th opnng of AKF off, no xpat taff hav n al to vt th aa.

PUI atvt n Kfa a fndd y ECHO and AICS ntl Agt 30, 2021.


PUI Lya mon tatd mplmntng opaton n Eat of Lya n 2017). Th oganzaton ha dvlopd a lfavng pon that povd pmay halth a v to th mot vlnal poplaton (ntnal dplad poplaton and th hot ommnt, mgant, fg and aylm k) omnd wth an ntgatd a nd pon to add th ovall halth taton of th PoC n dtnton nt and n an ttng. A a lt, aft th ya of xpn, PUI now potonng a a gnfant ato tagtng all gop of poplaton n vao ttng n all atn Lya. It ontant and old fld pn nal th oganzaton to dvlop tong latonhp wth ky takhold (lvant athot, loal ommnty lad and loal and ntnatonal NGO) and to gt fll a to th ntvnton’ t, a wll a aptan n fn to th atvt mplmntaton. In 2019 PUI ha haltatd and qppd 2 Pmay Halth falt, and 3 Mol Halth Tam w dployd n Bnghaz and Dna pl a Flyng Sxal Rpodtv Halth Doto. Addtonally, PUI wokng on th nfomnt of th loal mgny pon apaty thogh th patpaton n th dvlopmnt and th mplmntaton of a Halth Rapd Rpon Capat n Bnghaz ty, nldng pav montong (EWARS) and dploymnt of PUI tam fo apd amnt and to ppot th natonal mgny pon n a of onfmd alt. To dat, th mon mplmntng pojt fndd y th EU (Italan oopaton), ECHO, UNHCR and SDC.

PUI atvt n Kfa a fndd y ECHO and AICS ntl Agt 30, 2021.

A pat of o aton n  Lya , w a lookng fo a  A Fld Coodnato Al Kfa ad n Tn.


Th Fld Coodnato (FC) ponl fo th pop fntonng of Al Kfa a, and pop mplmntaton of all pogamm atvt n th ntvnton aa.


Safty and Sty : In ollaoaton wth th had of mon and wth th ppot of oth th Dpty Had of Mon A and th logt oodnato /h ponl fo th afty of th taff and mon at, and alo monto hmantaan a ontant.

Pogamm : S/h aontal fo an adqat dfnton and ffnt mplmntaton of th pojt. S/h n th oodnaton twn th ppot tam (admntaton, nfomaton managmnt and log), th mplmntaton tam and th oodnato n od to tmly and qaltatvly gaant that th ojtv and lt of th pojt a ahd. S/H pvntvly dntf , gap and dlay that may mpd th ot mplmntaton of th pojt and popo mtgaton plan to th HoM.

Hman Ro : S/h pv all th tam n th a, ompod of natonal taff (whn thy wll hav a to Bnghaz a). S/h ponl to oodnat and dvlop a apaty ldng plan to pomot th ndvdal dvlopmnt of th taff.

Logtal, admntatv and fnanal ppot : S/h ov th logtal, admntatv and fnanal omponnt of th a fo th ppo of pogamm mplmntaton, and n omplan wth th lvant pod, wth tantv ppot fom th logt oodnato and th admntatv oodnato of th mon.

Coodnaton : S/h ntal and dmnat nfomaton fom/to th a, and onoldat th ntnal and xtnal potng atvt mplmntd n th ntvnton aa fo mttng thm to th had of mon.

Amnt/ Statgy/dvlopmnt : S/h patpat n tatgy dvlopmnt and popo nw ntvnton n fnton of nd dntfd n th ntvnton aa. S/h atvly ontt to k fndng oppotnt and lad th popoal dvlopmnt po at a lvl, n lo oopaton wth oodnaton.

Adt : S/h ponl fo th omplan wth ntnal pod of PUI, xtnal dono’ l, a wll a th natonal law.

Nm of popl to manag and th poton:

Dt managmnt: 4 natonal taff nldng a PM, a FAM, a Log Manag + Dpty Fld Co to td Indt managmnt: 2 Mol Halth Tam & lvant ppot v (Log Off, gad and dv)

Look at th jo dpton low fo all th dtal yo nd. 

To tay p to dat wth o nw jo off, jon o Faook gop  .

Expén / Fomaton


MA/S o qvalnt n oal n, pogamm managmnt, ntnatonal dvlopmnt pfd Dal: Expn n Safty and Sty Managmnt


At lat 1 ya xpn n a mla Fld Co Poton At lat 1 ya xpn n hmantaan ontxt nvolvng poplaton dplamnt Expn wokng wth a vaty of dono; Expn wth qaltatv and qanttatv data ollton and analy mthodolog qd.


Pojt Managmnt kll Tam Managmnt Alty to pnt PUI a p th ommndaton of th HoM and n an ffnt and poatv oodnaton wth oth ato.

Ponal Chaatt:

Alty to wok ndpndntly whl takng ntatv and howng a n of ponlty; Alty to wthtand p; Sn of dplomay; Analytal kll; Capaty to adapt and howng oganatonal flxlty; Oganaton, go and alty to mt dadln;


Fnh Englh Aa


Employd  wth a Fxd-Tm Contat

Monthly go nom : fom 2 200  p to 2 530 Eo dpndng on th  xpn n Intnatonal Soldaty + 50 Eo p mt noty wth PUI.

Cot ovd:  Rond-tp tanpotaton to and fom hom / mon, va, van…

Inan:  nldng mdal ovag and omplmntay haltha, 24/24 atan and pataton

Daly lvng Expn  (« P dm »)

Bak Poly : 5 wokng day at 3 and 9 month + ak allowan

Pad Lav Poly : 5 wk of pad lav p ya + tn tkt vy 6 month

Hong:  n olltv aommodaton

Commnt potl

If yo wh apply, follow th  lnk  and fll n th fom on o wt.

Clqz po potl


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