Regional Arts Fund Quick Response Grants in Australia

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Regional Arts Fund Quick Response Grants in Australia

Deadline: 31-Aug-21

The Flying Arts Alliance has launched the Regional Arts Fund (RAF) Quick Response Grants to support small arts or cultural projects that cannot be funded by other means because of their nature or timing. For example, you may wish to attend a workshop or complete a project within a certain time frame and cannot access appropriate funding through any other means.

Quick Response Grants will fund professional development opportunities for artists and arts workers or small project opportunities. The program supports immediate need that arises where the activity is unable to be planned for or supported in other funding rounds, for example taking up professional development, skills development or small project opportunities at short notice.

Funding Information

Funding applications for up to $3,000 for individuals and up to $5,000 for oragnisations are available through this grant program. There is no minimum amount.
Eligibility Criteria

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To be eligible you must:

be an individual or Australian incorporated organisation or local government organisation
have an active Australian Business Number (ABN) that is registered to your name and location
if required by the Australian Tax Office, be registered for the purposes of GST
not have any outstanding reports, acquittals or serious breaches relating to any Australian Government funding or funding from a state or territory Regional Program Administrator. A serious breach is one that has resulted in, or warrants, the termination of a grant agreement.
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