Submit Applications for Food Access Fund in the US

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Submit Applications for Food Access Fund in the US

Deadline: 7-Jan-22

The Office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development (DMPED) is soliciting applications from qualified food-related businesses seeking to expand their existing operations through the opening of a new business location in an area designated as having low food access, with priority given to locations in Ward 7 and 8.

The purpose of the Food Access Fund (FAF) Grant is to increase equitable access to fresh, healthy, and affordable food by securing grocery stores, and restaurants; support existing small businesses; attract new businesses; increase the District’s tax base; create new job opportunities for District residents; and transform designated emerging commercial corridors into thriving and inviting neighborhood centers.

Funding Priorities
The FY22 FAF Grant identified the following program funding priorities:

To improve access to food options for residents of areas that currently have low food access by encouraging existing food-related businesses to expand their operations to a new location in areas with low food access, with priority given to locations in Ward 7 or Ward 8.
To expand the local food ecosystem and support fresh food retailers and providers through grants.
To invest in businesses, particularly small businesses:
That are food-related businesses (see Eligible Applicants);
That has at least two (2) years (for existing businesses) and three (3) years (for new concept brands3 ) of revenue generating operations and commit to expanding into an area with low food access;
That maintain and/or create new jobs, with a commitment to hire District residents;
That serves or may serve as a community anchor and impacts the community by its presence; and
That can support existing food-related businesses and the designated area’s economic vitality by attracting new consumers and/or visitors to the area.
Funding Information
DMPED will award up to a maximum of $7,000,000.00 in grants to successful grantees under this program.
Eligibility Criteria
For the purpose of this RFA, Eligible Applicants will be defined as the following: Existing food-related businesses with at least two (2) years of revenue generating operations and new concept brands of existing food-related operators, which are expanding to a new business location in an area with low food access, with priority given to Ward 7 or Ward 8. Food-related businesses shall include, but not be limited to:
Full-service grocery stores;
Restaurants, including new concept brands by existing restaurant businesses4 or food operators, prioritizing those with a dine-in component;
Neighborhood-based eligible food operators;
Local Business Enterprise (LBE) eligible food operators;
Food Halls; and
Property owners, on behalf of food-related business tenants, which must be identified. (Preference will be given to property owners who commit to securing locally minority-owned or women-owned businesses.)
For all applicants:
The property owners/landlords/development team of the associated project must demonstrate a commitment to support the sustainability of local business tenancy by providing specific amenities and inducements, which must include improvements, rent concessions and/or abatements. The amenities and inducements must be summarized within the Landlord Affidavit.
Applicants must commit to commence construction on the project within eighteen (18) months of the date of the executed grant agreement.
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