Save the Children recruits 01 Refugee Response Field Manager

Sav th Chldn t 01 Rfg Rpon Fld Manag

Sav th Chldn

Kgoma, Tanzan

REFUGEE RESPONSE FIELD MANAGER TITLE:  Rfg Rpon Fld Manag TEAM/PROGRAMME: Pogamm Opaton LOCATION: Fll tm ad n Kondo Dtt,  Kgoma Rgon, Tanzana GRADE: Gad 2 CONTRACT LENGTH: 2 ya, nwal CHILD SAFEGUARDING: Lvl 3: ? th pot hold wll hav ontat wth hldn and yong popl th fqntly (.g. on a wk o mo) o ntnvly (.g. fo day n on month o mo o ovnght)

A pat of th ponlt th pot hold wll ppot th talhd hld afgadng ytm, pomot a lt of kpng hldn af and n that potntal ham to hldn (y o own taff and/o a a lt of how w do o wok) dntfd and addd on an ongong a.  Th pot hold hold pot and pond to ntvnton a dtmnd y poton latd ponlt dntfd n th Chld Safgadng Poly. ROLE PURPOSE: Th Rfg Rpon Fld Manag wll manag Kgoma Rgon pon n th Noth Wt of Tanzana and povd opatonal ppot and dton to th onty pogamm n ollaoaton wth th Dpty Dto of Pogamm Opaton/Rfg Rpon TL.

H/h ponl fo dntfyng nd and o and laoatng pogamm ommndaton fo th Rfg pon n ln wth Sav th Chldn natonal and gloal pot. Th Rfg Rpon Fld off manag wll dvlop and manag pogamm() and ngotat and ntwok at a gonal and natonal lvl a dtmnd y th Conty Off Sno Managmnt Tam ad n Da Salaam. Sh/h wll n that all lvant Sav th Chldn pol and pod wth pt to hld afgadng, afty and ty, od of ondt, Co Hmantaan Standad, Hmantaan Pnpl, qal oppotnt and oth lvant pol a n pla. Th Rfg Rpon Fld manag wll play a tatg ol n th fftv al p and managmnt of Sav th Chldn Rfg pogamm to na mpat and nal potv hang fo hldn. SCOPE OF ROLE: Sav th Chldn ha n opatonal n Tanzana n 1986 wth an ntal pn n Zanza thn xtndd to th Manland wth mlt-to pogammng. Cntly, th Conty Pogam mplmntng dvlopmnt and hmantaan pogammng n 11 gon wthn th thmat aa of: hld ght govnan, hld potton, daton and halth & ntton.  

Tanzana ppotng fg and aylm k fom dffnt ont, t manly fom Bnd and th DRC. Sav th Chldn n Tanzana ntly mplmntng a mlt dono fndd Rfg Rpon pogam fo Bndan and Congol Rfg n th aa of Edaton In Emgny (EE) and Chld Potton (CP) at Kal and Kondo Dtt n Kgoma Rgon. Rpot to:   Dpty Dto of Pogamm Opaton/Rfg Rpon TL Staff dtly potng to th pot: Chld Potton Manag, , Edaton Coodnato, Sno MEAL Coodnato, Contton Engn and Hmantaan Sppot Sv Coodnato. KEY AREAS OF ACCOUNTABILITY: Pogamm Sppot (typally wll fo lag/omplx mgn wokng wth lmtd ppot): Am ovall managmnt of th Kgoma gonal Rfg pon n ollaoaton wth th Dpty Dto of Pogamm Opaton/Emgny Rpon TL Manag mltpl gant (ao thmat to), nng tt omplan of pogamm atvt wth Sav th Chldn natonal and gloal pol and pod and wth lvant dono glaton and agmnt, SPHERE gdln and th NGO od of ondt.Sppot on aton plan, and montong to n an fftv Rfg pon and n flaggng ndd tp towad a mooth tanton to an vntal ovy/pha ot tat.En Sav th Chldn patpat and lad Intagny Amnt to pdat nw oppotnt fo pogamm dvlopmnt and fndng.In oodnaton wth th Dpty Dto of Pogamm Opaton, Awad manag, Rpot and popoal oodnato and PDQ n th ppaaton of tmly pogamm and dono pot on pojt atvt n omplan wth ntnal SC qmnt and any lvant xtnal dono qmnt. Cloly monto th hangng hmantaan ontxt n Kgoma gon and th taton n Bnd and glaly ha pdat wth th Conty Off and SC Bnd/Rwanda fo nfomd don makng and gdan on pon plannng, and mplmntaton.Poatvly dntfy k, monto aton and pdat th Hmantaan pon k gt fo hang wth th Conty Off on monthly a.Etalh pojt montong plan and ytm fo dntfyng and takng th ndato and dvlop po/pod and fom to ppot montong and nfom lanng.En optmal afty and ty managmnt pod and pat a n pla fo th Rfg pon pogamm and ontnally monto th afty and ty taton, adaptng taff afty and ty pod aodngly n ollaoaton and oopaton wth th Dpty Dto of Pogamm Opaton/Emgny Rpon TL (Conty Sty Foal Pont).En tong aontalty fo hmantaan pon.   Fnanal and gant Managmnt Ov th dvlopmnt and managmnt of dgt potntally fo mltpl t, val to and tak ladhp on th mplmntaton of pogamm pon, kpng lvant takhold nfomd and nng any otv aton a takn. En tt omplan wth SCI fo ntnal and dono glaton fo managmnt of th dgtEn monthly montong of dgt and oodnat th po of fnanal potng fo all awad n th Rfg Rpon pogam.En tmly and aat ntnal fnanal potng. Popl Managmnt Lad, manag and motvat taff mm y nng thy hav la jo dpton, wok plan,   ojtv and thy v pop  pvon and ppot nldng pod  pfoman vw Wth ppot fom th Da-ad Dpty Dto of Pogamm Opaton, plan, dntfy and o appopat and fftv tt & taffng nd fo th ponOv th dvlopmnt & mplmntaton of taff wllng (poly) and n appopat taff wll-ng poly and po n pla.En taff, ntn and fg nntv wok adh to Sav th Chldn pol nldng Safgadng, Ant-haamnt and Ant-Fad a wll a Cod of Condt   Capaty Bldng: Cond th nd fo apaty ldng plan and pfoman managmnt ytm to dvlop th qt omptn n taff to n ongong tanalty and qalty of pon. Coah and mnto taff and patn/ ontpat and lnk, a ndd, to wd oganatonal talnt dvlopmnt mhanm.  Rpntaton & Advoay & Oganatonal Lanng: Rpnt Sav th Chldn’ Rfg pon at th loal lvl to dono, loal admntaton, th mda and mm of th hmantaan ommnty nng fftv Sav th Chldn patpaton n Had of Agn mtng, n o-hang hmantaan Potton Wokng Gop and Chld Potton S wokng Gop mtng, Edaton Thnal Wok Gop  and oth nt-agny oodnaton fom. Hlp hap pon tatg thogh nfln of /wthn nt-agny oodnaton fom, nng th pf nd of hldn a ng addd.Explo and dvlop a tong patnhp wth loal patn n th gon.Undtak hgh lvl pntaton and advoay wth Loal Govnmnt patn and offal a wll a dono pntatv. Etalh ytm fo ommnaton wth loal Govnmnt patn, lvant ln dpatmnt and ommnty pntaton n th pojt aa().Ov th mplmntaton of Sav th Chldn pol and pod wth pt to hld ght and afgadng, halth, and afty, qal oppotnt and oth lvant pol. BEHAVIOURS (Val n Pat) Aontalty: hold lf-aontal fo makng don, managng o ffntly, ahvng and ol modllng Sav th Chldn val; hold th tam and patn aontal to dlv on th ponlt – gvng thm th fdom to dlv n th t way thy ft, povdng th nay dvlopmnt to mpov pfoman and applyng appopat onqn whn lt a not ahvd; Amton: t amto and hallngng goal fo thmlv and th tam, tak ponlty fo th own ponal dvlopmnt and noag th tam to do th am; wdly ha th ponal von fo Sav th Chldn, ngag and motvat othft ontatd, thnk tatgally and on a gloal al; Collaoaton: ld and mantan fftv latonhp, wth th tam, ollag, Mm and xtnal patn and ppot; val dvty, t a a o of ompttv tngth;appoahal, good ltn, ay to talk to; Catvty: dvlop and noag nw and nnovatv olton; wllng to tak dplnd k; Intgty: hont, noag opnn and tanpany; dmontat hght lvl of ntgty; QUALIFICATIONS  Ental Extnv xpn of wokng wthn a managmnt ol wthn a omplx onty pogamm n an Rfg pon o fagl tat Pvo xpn n managng an Rfg pon pogam at loal lvl wth lmtd falt.  Edaton: BA/BS lvl n lvant dpln (o qvalnt fld xpn)   Managmnt xpn of mlt-natonal, mlt-to tam.Expn of managng mlt-dono, mlt-t pogamm (nldng fo xampl ECHO, BPRM and SIDA) of USD 3m+ pon at gonal o onty lvlExpn of natonal o loal lvl pntaton wth ky takhold, and o-odnaton wth oth NGO/UNExpn of dvlopng and ngotatng fl patnhp wth loal patn and ntttonal dono Povn alty to nfln hang at an opatonal lvl Poltally and ltally ntv wth qalt of patn, tat and dplomay A hgh lvl of wttn and pokn EnglhTh apaty and wllngn to xtmly flxl and aommodatng n dfflt wokng mtan.Commtmnt to th am and pnpl of SC. In patla, a good ndtandng of th SC mandat and hld fo and an alty to n th ontn to ndpn o ppot Dal Expn of wokng n omplx fg amp ontxt. Wokng knowldg of Kwahl o Knd.Expn of wokng on Edaton n Emgn and Chld Potton n Emgn pogammExpn of M&E and nfay aontalty ytm n omplx pogamm  Addtonal jo ponlt Th dt and ponlt a t ot aov a not xhatv and th ol hold may qd to ay ot addtonal dt wthn aonaln of th lvl of kll and xpn.

Eqal Oppotnt Th ol hold qd to ay ot th dt n aodan wth th SCI Eqal Oppotnt and Dvty pol and pod;

Chld Safgadng: W nd to kp hldn af o o lton po, whh nld goo akgond hk, flt o ommtmnt to th potton of hldn fom a.

Safgadng o Staff: Th pot hold qd to ay ot th dt n aodan wth th SCI ant-haamnt poly

Halth and Safty Th ol hold qd to ay ot th dt n aodan wth SCI Halth and Safty pol and pod.


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