SI recruits 01 Consortium CVA


Dat lmt of applaton  : 31/08/20

Daton of th mon : 2 month (pol xtndal fo 1 addtonal month)

Ba:  Sya Mon – Bad th n El o Amman


SI ha n wokng n Sya n 2012 and ntly ha tong ovag fo WASH, FSL and NFI pogam ao Noth Wt (NWS) and Noth Eat Sya (NES). Th NES pogam povd an ntgatd atan n th WASH, NFI, Shlt and Lvlhood to to dplad poplaton and hot ommnt afftd y th onflt. NWS pogam a motly managd and povd WASH and NFI/Wntzaton ppot to afftd poplaton. Sn 2016, SI ha n patnng wth a loal halth patn to dvlop and tngthn a WASH-and-Halth ntgatd appoah, and ntly dvlopng th tamlnng of Potton wthn t xtng pogam.

Th Sya mon ont aot 340 natonal taff, mo than 60 xpatat, and ha a 25 mllon USD dgt fo 2020.

Aqd fndng, fnanal vlty, ahd omplmntay fndng: Th mon ha d val fndng fom CDC, UNICEF, ECHO, OFDA and an amto onotm of 2 ya wth OFDA wll n a good fnanal vlty fo th mon ntl 2020.


In LEARN Pha I, LEARN patn gan mplmntng ah-ad ntvnton (CVA). Th pogammng – along wth CVA pogammng nd oth dono – ng xpandd on nd th LEARN. Th CVA Spalt wll vw th apaty of patn on CVA, and dntfy aa fo tandadzd LEARN ah ntvnton n ln wth OFDA qmnt, and ad on patn’ good pat.

Man atvt:

1 .Statg dvlopmnt and ontaton

Domnt patn’ apaty on CVA n th ontxt of Noth Eat Sya to dfn ppot ndd Rvw xtng tool and pod of patn on CVA Idntfy potntal gap and nd fo hamonzd CVA tool wthn th onotm Dvlop and dmnat qd tool, gdan and mthodolog to n that nay CVA tool a ntgatd n LEARN atvt Wok loly wth CMU WASH, Shlt, Potton and MEAL palt to dvlop appopat tool Bld agmnt on mnmm tandad fo patn on CVA (nldng fo mot pod, Covd-19 adaptaton and ntaton wth Fnanal Sv Povd – wth Log Sp), and daft a oadmap to mplmnt tho mnmm tandad Rvw makt montong tool (wth MEAL and Log Spalt) and nfomaton olltd y patn and othw avalal to ppot LEARN CVA A onday data avalal that old d a a ttt (Jont makt montong ntatv, REACH, t…) n a of pmay data ollton tn ot to ontand
    Intttonal knowldg ldng and omplan
Povd apaty ldng ppot to patn f nay, nldng thogh mot tanng fo LEARN patn Rvw ommtmnt of LEARN patn on “Cah fo …” modalt n th ln of pogam adaptaton of LEARN Pha I (wntzaton, pot-OPS ntvnton) and ondt lon lanng x St p way of CMU mot wokng to ppot CVA atvt Idntfy hallng n th fld and pomot lanng xhang twn patn Pomot hang of xpn and good pat wthn LEARN Povd thnal gdan to pojt tam a nay En taff mm a wll awa aot OFDA pol towad CVA and what qtd fom OFDA n tm of thnal omplan (and montong)

3 .Coodnaton and ommnaton

St p and faltat o-patn CVA oodnaton mtng fo mpovd oodnaton twn patn Patpat to th wok of th NES Cah Wokng Gop, and oth lvant foa a nay Rvw and daft dono omm aond LEARN’ CVA atvt


Ln manag: LEARN Dpty Chf of Paty Ln pot: Non Fntonal manag: SI HQ Cah and Voh Atan Thnal Advo, SI Mddl-Eat Dk Pogam Manag Fntonal lnk: Patn ah foal pont


Patn: ah foal pont, hlt and WASH Pogamm Manag CMU: WASH, Shlt, Potton and MEAL palt Extnal: NES Cah Wokng Gop
Mnmm 3 ya of lvant xpn wthn th hmantaan fld of ah tanf ntvnton Qalfaton n Hmantaan, Dvlopmnt, Eonom o Soology o any oth latd fld to CVA ntvnton Sgnfant xpn (at lat 3 ya) n dgnng, ttng p, opatng and oodnatng ah tanf pogamm n mltpl ontxt (.g. hmantaan, dvlopmnt, al, an, mot/had to a), and fo all typ of CVA modalt (nldng lton ah tanf) Stong knowldg and fld xpn of makt amnt and analy to dgn and nfom pogamm Famlaty wth FSL, WASH and hlt pogammng to Stong ommnaton, analy and wtng kll Flny n Englh, oth wttn and val

A alad pot: tatng fom 2860 € go p month, aodng to xpn (+ 10% annal lav allowan pad monthly) and a monthly P Dm. Th alay not ngotal wth SI.

Vaaton: Dng th agnmnt, a ytm of altnaton twn wok and tm off mplmntd at th at of on ak vy th month. O poly wa jt modfd: fom now on, Soldaté off yo 7 wokng day v th month, wth a 850 USD allowan fo ah ak. In addton to th gla ak, SI add a day off p wokd month. Th day off a wll a th ak a not ddtd fom th pad lav that a pad vy month wth yo alay a thy a offd y th oganzaton.

Soal and mdal ov: Dng yo mon wth SI, yo wll nft fom an nan pakag, whh ompl dng yo xpataton tm : halth nan, vl lalty, ontngny & pataton. Condton of tho nan wll xpland to yo dng yo HR admntatv fng.


Lvng ondton n Amman and El a vy good and taff hav a to a wd ang of taant, afé and a. Mot of odntal podt (food, lothng…) a aly al n Amman and El.

Sty nd Nothat Sya volatl and jtf pf aangmnt fo aommodaton and movmnt n th aa of ntvnton. Adhn to tt ty pod nay, whl th ty lvl an vay aodng to th dffnt gogaphal loaton and th hang of ontxt.

Aommodaton n SI gtho whh a pao and vy omfotal

Th pdm at fo Amman 785 USD a month, n El 750 USD.

Commnt potl

Do th dpton ft yo? Pla nd yo CV and Cov ltt n Englh. CV only applaton wll not ondd.

NB:  Th vaany may lo fo th dadln. Thank yo fo yo omphnon

Fo fth nfomaton aot Soldaté Intnatonal, pla onlt o wt:  http://www.oldat.og/n/

Clqz po potl

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