SNV recruits 01 Advisor/Technical Specialist

SNV t 01 Advo/Thnal Spalt – Off-gd Engy Fnan


Da Salaam, Tanzana

Advo/Thnal Spalt – Off-gd Engy Fnan Da Salaam, TanzanaFll-tmContat typ: Intnatonal mploymnt ontat Company Dpton SNV a not-fo-poft ntnatonal dvlopmnt oganaton that appl patal knowldg to mak a latng dffn n th lv of popl lvng n povty. W o xtnv and long-tm n-onty pn to apply and adapt o top-noth xpt n aglt, ngy and WASH to loal ontxt. SNV ha ov 1250 taff n mo than 25 ont n Aa, Afa and Latn Ama. W a pod to a not-fo-poft oganaton that pojt fnanng to mplmnt o mon. Th q to wok ffntly and to nvt n opatonal xlln. In t nw Statg Plan pod (2019 – 2022), SNV wll mo xpltly am fo ttal hang and al n t pogamm, a wll a ngng knowldg and ntatv fom dffnt pogamm togth at onty lvl to ontt to ytm’ hang. W wll ontn to poton olv a a lanng oganaton tvng fo xlln and nvt n makng knowldg flow to and fom th fontln. Fo mo nfomaton on SNV, vt o wt: www.nv.og Engng Dvlopmnt III Pogamm Th ovall goal of SNV’ ngagmnt n th Engy to n Tanzana to ontt to mpov th lvlhood of th al and p-an popl y alatng th dmnaton and of nwal ngy podt and v. SNV th mplmntng agny fo th Engng Dvlopmnt (EnDv) pogamm n Tanzana. Th Tanzana onty pogamm ha n nd mplmntaton of SNV n 2013 wth dmontatd gowth n lt ahvmnt n oth ookng and ola ngy. Th EnDv III Tanzana pogamm fo th 2019-2022 pod fo on two ky omponnt: th dvlopmnt of makt and tanal pply fo mpovd ook tov (ICS) a wll a fo th podtv of nwal ngy. Th ol fo on th podtv of nwal ngy omponnt – a lt-ad fnanng fnd to alat th makt fo off-gd nwal ngy (.g. ola PV) podtv ytm n Tanzana (RBF PU Pojt). To mo of o wok n Tanzana:  http://nv.og/onty/tanzana

Jo Dpton Jo Dpton SNV Tanzana tng a fll-tm Advo/Thnal Spalt to povd thnal ladhp of th RBF PU Pojt nd EnDv III Pogamm, a nw  pojt ntly n npton pha. Th Advo wll t th tatg von fo th nw pojt, talo th dgn of th lt-ad fnanng (RBF) fnd thogh analyng makt amnt data, lanh th nw fnd and povd thnal xpt n th ongong managmnt of th fnd. Th Advo wll alo at a th SNV Tanzana to pntatv fo o wok n podtv of ngy oth loally and gonally. Pmay Rponlt: ·       Fnd Dgn: Utl a makt amnt pot and xtng off-gd ola data fom pvo SNV RBF pojt to talo th dgn of a lt ad fnanng hm that wll dlvd to th pvat to to alat th makt nty and xpanon of th podtv of nwal ngy thnology.

·       Fnd Managmnt: Dvlop th fnal opatonal gdln and vfaton manal of th fnd nldng ky lmnt h a nntv tt and valaton, fm applaton po, d dlgn and ontatng, lam mon po, and vfaton ol and tt, amongt oth. Utl tool and tt fom pat and nt RBF ntvnton managd y SNV a fn and ld off of th to at a nxt gnaton RBF fnd. Dtmn th t olton fo a fnd managmnt, vfaton and montong tool and lanh th tool ntnally and wth fnd patpant. ·       Thnal Advoy: Manag all th mhan of th RBF PU fnd fom nntv valaton modllng to lam pong. Apply analytal go to omplx and ntan tak n th dvlopmnt of a nw fnd. ·       Pojt Managmnt: Povd thnal aktoppng to th RBF PU Pojt Manag to dvlop a mall tam thogh dfnng pojt ol and wokflow fo mooth mplmntaton of th omponnt. Sppot th managmnt of th dgt fo th RBF PU pojt nldng all pomnt, lam paymnt and ntnal and xtnal potng. Wok loly wth th Pogamm Manag/Sto Lad to dvlop pntaton, knowldg pojt o oth dono qmnt fo th omponnt. ·       Montong, Evalaton, Rpotng and Vfaton (MERV): Manag th MERV po and tam, nldng ntn and thd pat onltant, to n lt a takd and lanng a glaly fd ak nto fnd managmnt mhanm. Tak lad on all lt potng and vfaton fo th RBF PU omponnt and ppot montong and potng ao th EnDv potfolo. ·       Gnd Intgaton: Lad th gnd ntgaton apt of th RBF PU fnd nldng th Womn’ Employmnt Stml Fnd (WESF) that wll tagt to na fmal patpaton n th nwal ltty to n Tanzana. Innovat nw way to ntgat gnd nto o off-gd ngy pojt n ollaoaton wth th Sto Lad and EnDv Tanzana Gnd Lad. ·       Engy Sto Ladhp Sppot: At a th lad pntv fo Tanzana Engy Sto’ podtv of ngy wok. Attnd gloal, gonal and loal takhold gathng, and povd npt on knowldg podt. Ppa and gv xtnal pntaton and tak lad on to ntwokng fo PUE. Sppot th Engy Sto Lad a ndd on qalty aan of dono dlval ao th EnDv potfolo. ·       Capaty Bldng: Poatvly ld apaty of SNV taff and oth ky takhold n th aa of podtv fnanng and nnovatv RBF appoah. Qalfaton Rqd kll and qalfaton: ·       3-4 ya of xpn  n top t onltng fm, dvlopmnt oganaton, mpat nvtng fm o mla

·       Mat’ dg  n a lvant fld, MBA o oth advand dg qd.                      Spalaton n Engy Fnan o mla wll gadd favoaly ·       Stong qanttatv kll and fnan akgond ·       Expn wokng n th nwal ngy to pfd. Off-gd ngy and podtv of ngy xpn gadd favoaly ·       Dmontatd xllnt analytal alty and dpln; alty to thnk laly, tt polm logally, and thn dgn and mplmnt olton that fo on th o ·       Stong n of ownhp and alty to dgn and lad pojt and ppot and mnto mo jno ollag ·       Exllnt pntaton kll; alty to ommnat laly and fftvly wth  dv adn ·       Advand pofny n MS Exl ·       Fll pofonal pofny n Englh – wttn and pokn wth hgh al Englh wtng alty and tak od Dd kll and atttd: ·       Expn wokng n dvlopng ont; xpn n Tanzana o th oad Eat Afa gon gadd favoaly

·       Expn n ngy fnan and lt-ad fnanng gadd favoaly ·       Expn n apaty ldng and wokng wth th pvat to wth a povn tak od n po-poo gowth appoah takng nto ondaton oal nlon,  gnd and tanalty ·       Expn wokng wth a ang of takhold (nldng mpat nvto,                     dvlopmnt fnan nttton, and dvlopmnt agn) to ppot nvtmnt n hgh mpat to ·       Good tam play, pagmat, ngotato wth olton ontatd appoah ·       Radn to lv, wok and tavl n al dtt wth mnmal amnt Addtonal Infomaton Contat Typ: Intnatonal Contat Daton: On ya ntal tm, wth polty of xtnon Exptd Stat Dat: 1t Dm 2020 Infomaton Dty Staton:  Da Salaam, Tanzana Wokng at SNV: SNV off a ompttv alay and omphnv nft pakag. W off a hallngng wok nvonmnt, oppotnt to lad and nnovat, and a ommtmnt to gowng yo kll n a flfllng and dv wokng nvonmnt. O taff nft fom, and ontt to, an ntnal gloal ntwok of ngy xpt. Fo mo nfomaton, pla vt o wt: www.nv.og.

How to Apply If yo lv that yo dntal mt th otlnd pofl, w nvt yo to apply y ploadng yo CV and ltt of motvaton.

Pla mt yo applaton va SmatRt. All nfomaton wll n th ttt onfdn.  W wll vt to yo a oon a fal whn w hav vwd yo applaton. W wll q that yo povd wth fll dtal of th popl who a wllng to at a a f.  W wll not ontat th f wthot yo xplt pmon. Shold SNV wh to pod wth yo applaton, two ntvw wth th Slton Commtt wll tak pla.  – W do not appat thd-paty mdaton ad on th advtmnt – POSTULER

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