SNV recruits 01 Communications, M&E and Admin Senior Intern

SNV t 01 Commnaton, M&E and Admn Sno Intn


Aha, Tanzana

Commnaton, M&E and Admn Sno Intn Aha, TanzanaIntnContat typ: Intnhp Company Dpton SNV a not-fo-poft ntnatonal dvlopmnt oganaton. Fondd n th Nthland 50 ya ago, w hav lt a long-tm, loal pn n 39 of th poot ont n Aa, Afa and Latn Ama. O gloal tam of loal and ntnatonal advo wok wth loal patn to qp ommnt, n and oganaton wth th tool, knowldg and onnton thy nd to na th nom and gan a to a v – mpowng thm to ak th yl of povty and gd th own dvlopmnt. Pogamm Smmay WASH SDG Pogamm am to tanaly mpov a to and of antaton v and mpov hygn havo n th omng th ya (2019-2022). It lt on th o tatg ojtv, namly (1) nang dmand fo mpovd WASH falt and pat, (2) mpovng th qalty of v povon and y (3) mpovng govnan of th to. Th pogamm wll ontt to ahvng a to afly managd antaton and mpovd hygn havo fo 200,000 and 160,000 popl ptvly n p-an/an aa of Shnyanga and Aha mnpalt/t.

Jo Dpton Ovvw of th Poton: Th SDG pogamm hadng nto a pak of mplmntaton, and th Pogamm q th tmnt of a no ntn to ppot on th gond atvt latd to all omponnt and to povd ongong ommnaton and montong ppot.

Th xtng poton off th oppotnty to jon a dynam tam on a vy dv pogamm. Th Sno Intn mt a Tanzanan natonal pfaly of th lvl of a ahlo dg o qvalnt. Dmontatd xpn n ommnaton latng to domntaton, dvlopmnt of IEC matal (pot, nfogaph, t), oal mda and ngagmnt of th mda (ado, TV, t) qd.  Expn of montong and valaton n tm of data ollton, data analy and potng qd. Som ndtandng and xpo to th WASH to and wokng wth govnmnt offal and NGO an addd advantag. Expn of admntatv pod and ompt kll, h a th of xl, qd.  Canddat wth om knowldg and/o xpn n Bhavo Chang and Commnaton, admntaton and dvlopmnt td a pfd. Th fl applant wll ndgo a hot ontaton to povdd y th ptv pvo to poply ntod th ntn to th SNV ffot gloally, th SNV onty to pogamm wth pf ndton to th WASH SDG pojt. Th ntn wll wok loly wth th pojt tam n th ptv aa nldng patn and onltant hd nd th pojt. Rponlt/ Dlval of th poton:  Dlval 1:  To flly ppot th WASH SDG SNV Tam wth all ommnaton ffot, latng to atv domntaton (ado, val, onln and offln), ngagng th mda (ado pogamm, oal mda atvt t), apaty ldng and follow-p latng to th MSMB wt, and mplmntaton of ommnaton ntvnton lnkd to Bhavo Chang and Commnaton (40% of tm). Dlval 2:  To flly ppot th WASH SDG SNV Tam wth montong and valaton atvt, ttng ao all omponnt and nldng th Md Tm Rvw plannd n Q1 of 2021 of patpant, gtaton, and mnt/not takng (30% of tm). Dlval 3:  To flly ppot th WASH SDG SNV Tam thogh th aat and tmly dlvy of admntatv and fnanal po nldng t not lmtd to: tavl; mtng aangmnt and mnt takng; flng; pntng; Mol paymnt, vhl ookng t (30% of tm). Qalfaton Rqmnt: ·  Unvty dg  n oal td o Bn admntaton o ommnaton o mda o dvlopmnt td t.  wth mnmm of 2 ya of xpn.

·   Shold hav lvant thnal knowldg, kll and xtnv wok xpn n: ommnaton (dvlopmnt of pot, nfogaph, mda ngagmnt, oal mda t), , tanng, ommnty apaty ldng a wll a pojt montong and Evalaton (data ollton and potng). ·     Expn of ondtng admntatv dt (gtaton, vnt oodnaton, paymnt) and of xl ·      Knowldg of WASH , patlaly antaton and hygn, an advantag ·      Expn n ndtakng mla wok and ngagng govnmnt offal. ·      Dmontatd xpn mplmntng vlty ommnaton. ·      Dmontatd xpn wokng wth takhold to ld tatg patnhp. Dd Skll and atttd: ·     Al to wok wll n a tam nvonmnt wth ollag.

·      Alty to qkly ndtand ntton, ak fo lafaton whn ndd, adapt and wok ndpndntly to pod lt on tm. ·      Good wttn and val ommnaton kll n Englh and Swahl langag. ·       Exllnt wtng and potng kll. ·       Emang ltal dvty ·       Emang hang ·       Wllngn to tavl and ay ot fld wok Addtonal Infomaton Dd Skll and atttd –  dmontatd alty and xpn n: Cayng ot havo hang latd ah and mplmntaton and ndtandng of BCC appoah Rah and ndtandng of wat – opton, po and latd n oppotntEngagng and fotng tong latonhp wth govnmnt and pvat takhold, patlaly ty onl and tlty pntatvSppotng and ndtandng Uan Santaton and Hygn atvt and old ndtandng of dffnt ntvnton along th antaton v hanData ollton tool (pfally Akvo FLOW), and of xl fo data analy (nldng xpn of pvot tal)Coodnatng and pong admntatv and fnanal latd po dng wokhop, tanng and vntCatv thnkng and alty to dvlop nnovatv and ngagng ntvntonExllnt ntponal kll and tong tam play ptMlt-takng, analytal thnkng and alty to mma ky pontAdvand wttn and oal ommnaton kll n EnglhAlty to wok omfotaly and fftvly wth lmtd pvon, th at own ntatv o nd dton Swahl natv langag Advand Englh flny (oal and wttn) Contat Typ: Intnhp Agmnt Contat Daton: 1 Ya Exptd Stat Dat: 4th Novm 2020 Infomaton Dty Staton:   Aha Wokng at SNV: SNV off a hallngng wok nvonmnt, oppotnt to lad and nnovat, and a ommtmnt to gowng yo kll n a flfllng and dv wokng nvonmnt. O ntn nft fom, and ontt to, an ntnatonal gloal ntwok of WASH xpt. Fo mo nfomaton, pla vt o wt:  www.nv.og .

How to Apply: Th vaany fo ntnal and xtnal anddat   and t wll atv p to 14th Oto 2020  and all applaton hold thogh Smat Rt on th followng lnk  http://mt.o/49QX

All applaton hold nld a dtald CV, aadm tfat, a ltt of ntt and 3 fn POSTULER

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