SNV recruits 01 Multi-Country Project Manager

SNV t 01 Mlt-Conty Pojt Manag, Podtv U of Engy


Nao, Knya

Mlt-Conty Pojt Manag, Podtv U of Engy Nao, KnyaFll-tmContat typ: Natonal mploymnt ontat Company Dpton SNV a not-fo-poft ntnatonal dvlopmnt oganaton that appl patal knowldg to mak a latng dffn n th lv of popl lvng n povty. W o xtnv and long-tm n-onty pn to apply and adapt o top-noth xpt n aglt, ngy and WASH to loal ontxt. SNV ha ov 1250 taff n mo than 25 ont n Aa, Afa and Latn Ama. W a pod to a not-fo-poft oganaton that pojt fnanng to mplmnt o mon. Th q to wok ffntly and to nvt n opatonal xlln. In t nw Statg Plan pod (2019 – 2022), SNV wll mo xpltly am fo ttal hang and al n t pogamm, a wll a ngng knowldg and ntatv fom dffnt pogamm togth at onty lvl to ontt to ytm’ hang. W wll ontn to poton olv a a lanng oganaton tvng fo xlln and nvt n makng knowldg flow to and fom th fontln. Fo mo nfomaton on SNV, vt o wt: www.nv.og Jo Dpton Jo Dpton Ovvw of pogamm Lak of a to ngy a ky dvlopmnt a pally n al aa. In patla mallhold fam and latd loal (ag-)n nd tanal ngy o to na podton, d aft havt lo and mpov pong of pod and podt. Povon of tanal ngy a ntal dv of dvlopmnt of lvlhood n al aa.

In dvlopng ont lk Ethopa, Knya and Uganda mallhold fam and mall al ntp (ago-pong, vndo, t.) play an mpotant ol n agltal val han. H, ngy ndd fo .g. gaton, ad on wat pmpng o th pvaton of th havt y oolng o dyng. Th pally t fo th day and hotlt val han whh a patlaly mpotant fo mallhold fam. Th hgh potntal of nwal ngy thnolog and latd ngy v fo podtv of mallhold fam and al ntp man tll wdly nd. A majo a fo th taton th lak of tanal and alal n a thogh whh onomally and oally val olton a dmontatd, and whh v a xampl fo popagatng thm on lag al. Thogh a nw, mlt-onty ntatv whh xptd to tat n Janay 2021, wth fndng d fo 3 ya, w am to ppot alal, nnovatv n a ng nwal ngy v and thnolog fo gaton, oolng and dyng to mpov podton and lvlhood of mallhold fam n th day and hotltal val han n Ethopa, Knya and Uganda. Th pojt wll hav th dtnt pojt pha: dng an ntal npton pha, th gond fo th mplmntaton of n a wll lad; th mplmntaton of th n a n th th tagt ont tak nto ondaton th pf taton n ah onty. A fo wll lad on Ethopa wh half of all n a wll ppotd. Intnv o-onty lanng & nnovaton atvt wll n knowldg tanf. Th lt of th pojt wll had to th oad ommnty of nttd gonal and ntnatonal oganzaton n od to pomot th fth alng p of th n a. Ky Rponlt ·         Ext ovall pogamm managmnt

·         Lad and t th pogamm mplmntaton tam n th th ont, ontng of fv (5) fll-tm thnal xpt and val pat-tm taff and onltant ·         Bld, tngthn and manag laton wth ky patn, -ontato and oth ky takhold ·         En pop ontol and managmnt of fnanal o of th pogamm ·         Monto pfoman of th pogamm managmnt tam to n all mlton t n th wok plan a mt, dvlop mtgaton plan to d k and tak  otv aton to mdy any dvaton fom th wok plan ·         Aont and pot to SNV, dono and patn on pogamm pfoman ·         Gd knowldg dvlopmnt, domntaton, ommnaton and andng, a wll a knowldg tanf twn onty tam, n lo ollaoaton wth th dono and patn ·         Pnt lt and pnt th pogamm n lvant natonal, gonal and ntnatonal foa Ovvw of th Poton Th Mlt-Conty Pojt Manag ha ponlty fo ovall managmnt of th pogamm, whh nld: thnal ladhp and tatg dton on podtv of ngy olton n day and hotlt val han n Ethopa, Knya and Uganda; ladng o-onty npton and mplmntaton of th pogamm; ov and t th dntfaton and mplmntaton of val n a wth tong mpat and platon potntal; nng o-onty lanng, nnovaton and knowldg tanf; qalty aan and tmln of dlval; adaptv and ollaoatv montong and valaton; popl managmnt and tam ladhp; ffnt managmnt of fnanal o and pvon of pomnt; oodnaton wth pogamm patn and oth ky takhold; pntaton of SNV n ky ntwok and vnt on podtv of ngy n aglt at natonal and ntnatonal lvl. S/h wll th foal pont towad th dono, wll n fll omplan wth th dono ontat and glaton and wll ov th annal plannng and dgtng a wll a pod vw and potng po, a qd.

Qalfaton Qalfaton ·         Mat’ dg  n a lvant fld, MBA o oth advand dg.

·         Mnmm of fv (5) ya of pogvly ponl wok xpn  n managng and mplmntng mlt-fatd, dono-fndd dvlopmnt pogamm. Expn n mplmntng mlt-onty pojt pfd. ·         Sold akgond and ndtandng of nwal ngy applaton n agltal val han, wth good ntwok at natonal and ntnatonal lvl. Expn n off-gd ngy and podtv of ngy olton n day and/o hotlt (patlaly ola-powd gaton, oolng and dyng) pfd. ·         Rlvant and pofond wokng xpn n at lat on of th tagtd ont fo th pojt (Ethopa, Knya, Uganda). Expn ao mltpl ont pfd. ·         Sold ndtandng of n a dvlopmnt, n modllng and fnan. ·         Expn n gnd mantamng. ·         Al to tatgally lad, np and ng pogamm tam. ·         Expn n ollaoatv and adaptv montong, valaton and lanng. ·         Dmontatd xpn n managng vao pogamm patn. ·         Exllnt oal and ntwokng kll, al to ngag wth th pvat to, vl oty and govnmnt at all lvl. ·         Hghly motvatd lf-tat, wth tong oganatonal kll, who tak ndvdal aontalty oly. ·         Stong tatg don-makng and xllnt ommnaton kll (wttn and oal), a wll a potng and pntaton kll. ·         Flny n oth wttn and pokn Englh. ·         Wllngn to tavl to all pogamm loaton, nldng mot, al aa. Addtonal Infomaton Addtonal Infomaton Th a fll-tm poton wth a natonal ontat nldng a natonal nft pakag, ad n Add Aaa (Ethopa), Nao (Knya) o Kampala (Uganda), dpndng on th otom of th tmnt po and ondng th pfd dty taton of th ltd anddat. Th fl anddat wll ontatd fo 2 ya ntally, wth th polty of nwal. Salay ompttv and ommnat wth qalfaton and xpn, nldng a ompttv onday nft pakag. Pla not that

·                 Applaton Dadln: Oto 21t, 2020 ·                Contat Daton: 2 ya, wth polty of xtnon ·                Dd Stat Dat: Janay 2021 How to Apply SNV off a ompttv alay and omphnv nft pakag. W off a hallngng wok nvonmnt, oppotnt to lad and nnovat, and a ommtmnt to gowng yo kll n a flfllng and dv wokng nvonmnt. O taff nft fom, and ontt to, an ntnal gloal ntwok of ngy xpt. Fo mo nfomaton, pla vt o wt: www.nv.og.

If yo lv that yo dntal mt th otlnd pofl, w nvt yo to apply y ploadng yo CV and ltt of motvaton on  o fo Oto 21t 2020. Pla mt yo applaton va SmatRt only. D to logt aon w an not apt applaton nd a gla mal. All nfomaton wll n th ttt onfdn.  W wll vt to yo a oon a fal whn w hav vwd yo applaton. W wll q that yo povd wth fll dtal of th popl who a wllng to at a a f.  W wll not ontat th f wthot yo xplt pmon. Only hot ltd anddat wll ontatd. Shold SNV wh to pod wth yo applaton, two ntvw wth th Slton Commtt wll tak pla.  SNV an qal oppotnt mploy and fmal anddat a noagd to apply. – W do not appat thd-paty mdaton ad on th advtmnt – POSTULER

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