SNV recruits 01 Youth Inclusion Intern

SNV t 01 Yoth Inlon Intn


Add Aaa, Ethopa

Yoth Inlon Intn Add Aaa, EthopaFll-tmContat typ: Intnhp Company Dpton SNV a not-fo-poft ntnatonal dvlopmnt oganzaton. Fondd n th Nthland 50 ya ago, w hav lt a long-tm, loal pn n mo than 26 of th poot ont n Aa, Afa, and Latn Ama. O gloal tam of loal and ntnatonal advo wok wth loal patn to qp ommnt, n, and oganzaton wth th tool, knowldg, and onnton thy nd to na th nom and gan a to a v – mpowng thm to ak th yl of povty and gd th own dvlopmnt. SNV, Nthland Dvlopmnt Oganzaton, a Dth-ad, non fo poft fogn haty opatng n Ethopa n th 1970. Cntly, SNV wokng n th ght+ gonal tat of Ethopa whh nld– Add Aaa, Afa, Somal, Gamlla, Bnhangl, SNNPR, Ooma, Amhaa and Tgay gonal tat, povdng thnal atan and pogam mplmntaton n th majo 3 to nldng Aglt, WASH, and Engy. SNV an opn and lanng oganzaton that fo on mpovng th lv of Ethopan Nd popl thogh t pat n val han, makt, and yoth and gnd. Thogh t wok n th th to, SNV n Ethopa ppot th dvlopmnt of a nm of val han and ommodt to mpov th Lvlhood. Th tak a val han and makt dvlopmnt appoah, wth pal fo on mpovng a to tanal makt fo mallhold fam, yoth, an dvlopmnt and y dvlopng n-to-n laton and mpovng n dvlopmnt v.  Fo mo nfomaton on SNV’ opaton, vt o wt:  www.nvwold.og .  Jo Dpton Th Yoth Inlon ntn   xptd to ppot 2SCALE onty tam to alan pvat to n ntt – nldng th dmand fo mployalty kll wth mpowmnt of yoth. Th ppo of ngagng Th Yoth Inlon ntn manly to gt  wok-xpn, x and at pofonal xpo to gadat yong pofonal n yoth Inlon and ago ntp dvlopmnt KEY RESPONSIBILITIES: Sv and po dlvy  Intnal and xtnal ommnatonPojt data handlng Po mpovmnt hold yo nd to vw a dtald nfomaton aot th jo pla lk on th followng lnk to a th fll Jo Dpton. 

Contat Typ: Loal SNV off fo  ntn daly allowan, mdal and lf nan a p SNV Poly. W alo off a hallngng wok nvonmnt, oppotnt to lad and nnovat, and a ommtmnt to gowng yo kll n a flfllng and dv wokng nvonmnt. Qalfaton Edaton Mat’ dg/Bahlo’ dg  n dvlopmnt td, Bn td, onom td, Agltal n, agn o Agltal Eonom

Wok Expn Fh Gadat (Zo ya of xpn)

Skll and omptny qd  Commnaton Flxlty Pvan Rlt ontaton Fo on qalty  How to Apply Pla apply y lkng on th I’m Inttd tton and omplt yo applaton n o n-ho tmnt  ytm fo 16 Oto 2020.  Pla nd yo applaton ltt and CV that ontan th f a yo apply wth poton ttl a jt/fn.

NB:  Only hotltd wll ontatd. Addtonal Infomaton Tm of Appontmnt Th a fll-tm poton wth th fl anddat ng ontatd on a 1 ya ontat and nwal vy 3 month.  SNV a gloal oganzaton ommttd to ngng dffnt popl, da, and pptv togth. W nvt pally womn to mt th applaton a w want to na th nm of womn n ladhp poton.  


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