SOFRECO recruits 01 Short term expert in strategic and operational communication

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Shot tm xpt n tatg and opatonal ommnaton , Camon DESCRIPTION DU POSTE Contat :  Cot-tm Dat lmt d anddat : 19/10/2020 L :  Camon Pojt :  Atan thnq a Dpotf d’App à la Compéttvté d CamonCompttvn Sppot Falty fo Camoon (DACC) Th DACC a pojt fndd y th Eopan Unon. It man ojtv to tngthn th Camoonan onomy and at jo y mpovng loal ntp ompttvn. It ontttd of 3 omponnt: : () ppot fo n and ntmday oganzaton, () mpovmnt of th n lmat and pl / pvat dalog and () tandadzaton and ngy ffny. Th ommnaton xpt wll ponl fo th dgn and mplmntaton of th DACC’ ommnaton tatgy and aton plan. H / h ojtv to n th vlty of th falty and of th atvt mplmntd a wll a of th man natonal takhold and th Eopan Unon. QUALIFICATION Qalfaton : Mat dg n poltal n, onom, ommnaton, ntnatonal laton o all lvant dpln; Exllnt ommand of Fnh and Englh;Patal knowldg of IT tool: Wod, Exl, Powpont;Knowldg of podton, oadatng and pot podton oftwa, tlvon & ado, oal ntwok, w dvlopmnt;At lat 10 ya of pofonal xpn n th fld of nfomaton and ommnaton;Mnmm 5 ya of xpn n th dgn and / o mplmntaton of ommnaton tatgy and vlty plan;Mnmm 3 ya of oal mda xpn. Dgn and aton of mnmm 3 wt. Dal xpn a an addd advantag: At lat 5 ya of pofonal xpn n th fld of nfomaton and ntttonal (govnmnt) ommnaton, at a poltal, and / o tatg, and / o opatonal lvl;Expn n tatg onom and / o n ommnaton;Patpatd n th dvlopmnt of ommnaton tatgy fo pojt latng to EU xtnal aton REPONDRE A CETTE ANNONCE / APPLY FOR THIS JOB POSTULER

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