Solidarités Internationales recruits 01 FSL Coordinator

Soldaté Intnatonal t 01 FSL Coodnato

Soldaté Intnatonal

Hmanta (ONG, Aoaton, …), Pojt/pogamm d dévloppmnt

NIGERIA –  FSL COORDINATOR  – MAIDUGURI Réfén :  SRH03976 Statt :  Salaé Pot :  Mon à l’tang Doman d ompétn :  Sété Almnta Typ d ontat :  Salaé – CDD Pay :  Ngéa ABOUT THE MISSION Dd tat dat:  ASAP Daton of th mon:  Untl nd of Dm 2020, hgh polty of xtnon Loaton:  Madg, Nga, wth gla vt on th fld Nga ha n gong thogh an at poltal and mltay fo ya, whh ha afftd mllon of lv. Soldaté Intnatonal (SI) ha n anwng th nd of dplad poplaton, a wll a hot ommnt n th Bono Stat fo almot 4 ya. Th tagtd aa of ntvnton a WASH, hlt, logt, food ty and lvlhood. 7 pogam a ntly nnng: 1.Mlt-toal pojt ov 3 ya n Mongno, Ngala, Aka/Ua and Hawl2.Logt Platfom pojt n Mongno3.Emgny WASH and Shlt pon on all 4 Bono a4.Emgny WASH n Halth n Madg and Mongno5.Emgny WASH n Madg, Mongno and Dkwa6.WASH pon fo vlnal IDP and hot ommnt n Dkwa7.Emgny WASH pon fo nw ont manmad dat n Ngala To lan mo aot what w do n Nga, pla lk h. Mo than 220 popl (appox. 200 Ngan taff and 20 ntnatonal taff) a wokng on th Nga mon today. Thy a opatng fom 5 dffnt loaton:-Laon off: Aja. -Coodnaton off: Madg.-Opatonal a: Madg, Mongno, NGala and Dkwa. Th mon ha a foatd dgt of mo than EUR 11M. Eopad, ECHO, OFDA, CDC and th UN (NHF, WFP) ntly fnd t. SI onfdnt n th mon’ potntal to gow n th pomng ya. Yo’ll jon on of th lat hmantaan ato tll opatng n th aa – th manng fathfl to t mon: takng ad fth. ABOUT THE JOB WHY WE NEED YOU At SI, a FSL Coodnato th Had of FSL Dpatmnt. Yo wll th: -B th lad on th FSL tatgy fo th mon -Gaant th lvany and th qalty of th FSL pojt and atvt -Poatvly attnd mtng wth xtnal od -Manag yo tam: povd pvon, gdan, apaty ldng.   Mo pfally, yo wll hlpng ov 16 000 nfa y ovng th followng: -Dtton of food voh dng lan aon -Inom gnatng atvt (kt dtton and tanng)-Lvtok dtton (hp and goat)-Sd and tool dtton to tat agltal atvt Yo wll ad n Madg, and wll dtly oodnatng atvt n two dffnt aa: Mongno and Ngala.  A a onqn, th jo nvolv mot managmnt, a wll a gla vt to th fld a whn lvant and allowd. Th FSL atvt fall nd a mlt-toal pojt fndd y EopAd. Th pojt plannd ov 3 ya and ha tatd n Janay 2018. SI wokng n onotm wth ALIMA who lad on th patnhp. Pla not that th an xpatat poton. WHAT YOU WILL DO -En that th ojtv dfnd n th popoal a mt -Gaant th qalty of th mplmntd pogam and ggt adjtmnt o dvlopmnt to n t lvan f applal-Rpnt SI n th Coodnaton Mhanm lnkd to th pojt, and oodnatng wth th oth patn to n th lvany of th pojt-B n hag of popoal dvlopmnt, potng and ommnaton-B ponl fo oodnaton, amnt and dvlopmnt of FSL tatgy-B th FSL thnal advo fo th mon THE MAIN CHALLENGES OF THIS POSITION -Patpaton n th tatg ontaton of SI n th onty and ppot th dntfaton of novd nd and povon of k analy -Sppot th hamonzaton of pogammat tool and gdln ao th tam and th a-En tong xtnal oodnaton wth o onotm patn (ALIMA) and wth E.U patn-Faltat th oodnaton wth th athot (3R Common and Thnal Ln mnt)-Enhan ollaoaton wth MEAL & WASH dpatmnt a wll a oth dpatmnt-Sppot tatg ontaton fo a mooth tantonng twn mgny and pot- ontxt-Sppot and dfn th ontaton of th pojt whn nay ng th flxlty la  PRIORITIES FOR THE 2/3 FIRST MONTHS -Sppot th onoldaton, dfnton o dfnton of opatonal tatgy and modalty of ntvnton thogh th fom of omphnv gdln and/o atvty ht -Conoldat th appoah and tatgy fo th tagtng of nw aa of mplmntaton and vw th appopatn of nfa’ ovag p aa and p atvt.-Follow-p SI oodnaton wth ln mnt and faltat wth ALIMA th oodnaton wth th 3R-Sppot and follow p th ontaton of om atvt/loaton YOUR PROFILE Man kll ndd -Unvty dploma n an FSL-latd to / dpln -At lat 2 ya of xpn a a Had of FSL dpatmnt-Stong xpn of pojt yl managmnt,-Good knowldg aot ah ad pogam-Alty to dvlop a tong ndtandng of th ontxt and to mak th pojt adaptv to th ontxt volton-Expn n mot managmnt-Expn n volatl ty ontxt-Alty and wllngn to handl a hgh wokload nd p-Flnt n Englh Pvo xpn wth SI a pl, a wll a a pvo xpn on aly ovy and mlt-toal pojt. SI WILL OFFER YOU Salad poton Salay: Aodng to xpn, tatng fom  EUR 2640  go p month (EUR 2400 a alay + 10% annal lav allowan pad monthly) Monthly P Dm:  USD 600 SI ov aommodaton ot and tavl xpn twn th xpatat’ onty of dn and th mon. Bak poly -1 ak of 7 wokng day vy 3 month + USD 850 allowan (fo ah ak). -1 day off p wokd month. Th day off, a wll a th ak, a not ddtd fom th pad lav that a pad vy month wth yo alay: thy a offd y SI. Soal and mdal ov: Expatat nft fom an nan pakag whh m all haltha xpn (nldng mdal and gal xpn, dntal a and ophthalmologal xpn, pataton) and a wlfa ytm nldng wa k. Ental vanaton and antmalaal tatmnt ot a fndd. LIVING CONDITIONS Th FSL Co lv n SI’ ompond – gt ho (GH) wth th oth ntnatonal taff. H/h ha pvat oom and ha th athoom and th kthn. Th GH nxt to th off and loatd n a dntal aa.

Dpt th nt poltal and hmantaan ontxt n Bono tat, Madg povd pop lvng ondton. Eltty avalal at th off and at th GH (xpt a mall pod dng th nght), ommnaton and ntnt a avalal, th on th SI povdd ntwok o th 4G ntwok. All ntal good (food, hygn t..) an oght loally n th mall hop aond th off, o n th p-valdatd pmakt. Th a dn oal lf n Madg, and vt to oth NGO a pol, a wll a om p-valdatd pla. Th ontant latd to ty do xt (movmnt tton, fw at 9:30PM.), t thy a aal, a thy allow ponal atvt. Howv, pla not that th ty ontant a mo mpotant whn t om to fld dploymnt otd Madg: tt l hav to apply. APPLICATION PROCESS Pla nd yo CV AND Cov ltt n Englh. Pla a n mnd that w v a hgh volm of applaton, whh man t an tak a fw wk to gt n toh wth yo. If yo a hotltd, pla not that SI’ tmnt po ally nld: an HR ntvw, fn hk, wttn tt, thnal ntvw. Evntally, pla not that th vaany may lo fo th dadln. If yo havn’t mad p yo mnd yt, hk o wt.    POSTULER

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