Submit Proposals for XXI Round of Small Grants Program for Youth (Moldova)

Submit Proposals for XXI Round of Small Grants Program for Youth (Moldova)

Deadline: 27-Sep-20

Are you young and active? Eager to get involved and make a significant difference for the benefit of the community you belong to? If yes, then the Ialoveni Youth Fund comes to your aid, offering financial support through the XXI round of the project competition within the Small Grants Program for Youth.

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The Program addresses exclusively the youth initiative groups, as well as the Local Youth Councils from the localities of Ialoveni district to create an attractive and dynamic environment for them to participate as actively as possible in the socio-economic development of the community.

The Small Grants Program is aimed at Youth Initiative Groups and Councils Local Youth in the localities of Ialoveni district who are involved in its realization intends to carry out a project that demonstrates alignment with the priorities of the communities in the field of youth or other related fields, and which ensures the integration of project activities in local socio-economic development.


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The objectives of the program:

Increasing young people’s self-esteem and confidence by developing skills leadership, teamwork, decision making, problem-solving, and communication negotiation.
Supporting initiatives and projects of young people in local communities.
Funding Information

The financial resources available in this round will be allocated following competition projects.
The maximum amount that can be given to a project is 10,000 lei.
Eligible Activities

Deadline Free Grants
The Youth Fund finances projects developed and implemented by youth groups youth initiative, as well as local youth councils.
The proposed projects must be carried out on the geographical area of Ialoveni district (with except for study visits and exchange of experience in other localities of the Republic of Moldova, visits to theaters, museums, excursions) and may cover the following areas:
participation of young people in civic life and community development;
participation of young people in education, training, and information;
cultural participation and free time for young people;
participation of young people in the decision-making process.
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