TaskRabbit for Good Community Grants up tp $8,000

TakRat fo Good Commnty Gant p tp $8,000

Dadln: 30-Ot-20

TakRat fo Good (TR4G) lookng fo mall, gaoot nonpoft that do ndl wok n ommnt, hav npng to to tll and an th gant to mak a gnfant mpat. Thy gv gant and TakRat dt to ommnty nonpoft that hlp popl gt ak on th ft, wth wok oppotnt and hlt.

Sd Gant TakRat fo Good (TR4G) TakRat’ oal good ntatv, ld y a paonat tam pntng a o-ton of ntnal dpatmnt – a thy all hav a ol to play. Lanhd n 2018, TR4G lvag n, thnology and popl a a fo fo good n th ommnt.

TakRat a th platfom that onvnntly onnt popl wth ndpndnt ontato (thy all thm Tak), to hlp wth vyday tak nldng dlv, fnt amly, movng hlp and mh mo. TakRat opat n 100+ t n th Untd Stat, Untd Kngdom, Canada, and Fan and ontnally xpandng.

Fndng Infomaton

In fall 2020, TakRat wll awad fv (5) ommnty gant, ah of USD $8,000 (o loal ny qvalnt) n ah and USD $2,000 (o loal ny qvalnt) n TakRat dt. Elglty Cta

All oganzaton that mt th followng ta a wlom to apply:

Fo th nagal gant yl, thy’ lookng fo ommnty oganzaton loatd and dlvng dt v n t wh TakRat opat n th Untd Stat o th Untd Kngdom. 501()(3) tat n th US o “gtd haty” tat n th UK. An annal opatng dgt nd $/£ 1 mllon, wth a tong pfn fo dgt nd o aond $/£ 500,000. Loal hapt/afflat of lag oganzaton who dgt ft th paamt a wlom to apply. Wok algnd wth o mon to hlp ngho n nd fnd wok and/o a pla to all hom. Povd v to th fo poplaton (.g. nmployd, ndmployd, homl, fg, dplad, vtan, no). Attt to th followng nondmnaton poly: TakRat patn oganzaton do not and hall not dmnat on th a of a, olo, lgon, x o gnd, natonal o thn ogn, ag, lgon, dalty, vtan tat, xal ontaton, gnd dntty and/o xpon. Fo mo nfomaton, vt http://www.takat.om/takatfogood

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