TGH recruits 01 National staff HR Expert

TGH t 01 Natonal taff HR Expt – Sdan, Khatom
Gnal ojtv of th tdy

In th fam of th tt of ppot to taff y Tangl Généaton Hmanta (TGH) n Sdan, nd th pvon of th Conty Dto, and n oodnaton wth th HR oodnato, th natonal taff HR Expt wll popo a tdy of HR Poly and Pod, along wth vw of Rmnaton pakag fo natonal taff n Sdan.

To n TGH pol man n ln wth Sdan Lao Law, and n lght of th gnfant hang to Sdan’ onom taton TGH ntnd to mplmnt a fll tdy and vw of all HR Pol and pod, along wth a vw of alay al (n ln wth a makt vw ad on gnfantly nad ot of lvng), mnaton pakag and paymnt mthodolog (n, and qnt tax mplaton).

Th hot mon ng th nay thnal ppot to th mon to omplt th vw, and qntly ondt wokhop (Khatom, Daf, Soth Kodofan) wth taff to n tanpany of all hang.

It wll omp an amnt of th nt tat of HR TGH pol, thogh dk vw, vw of Sdan Lao Law, ompaon wth oth INGO avalal data, makt vw of avag ot of lvng, and onltaton wth TGH taff.

A- Dtald ontnt of th mon

HR Fnanal pod

Rvw th alay al (BW and SW), nldng lvl wthn Rvw and povd laty on tax paymnt and oal nan paymnt, fxd to th offal at fo th month Rvw mploy nft pakag (a alay BW and SW, nttlmnt, lav allowan) Rvw th pdm, tavl allowan and nntv l

Rvw HR pol

Rvw ontat atl (fxd tm and pmannt ontat) Rvw th Intnal taff glaton aodng to th pnalty od, nldng pdatd fom and HR pod/Gdln. Rvw HR fom (k lav, pal lav, Ovtm) and pdat n aodan wth vd ISR Rvw th mdal nan l Rvw th UNHAS flght l fo taff lav INPAT & Flyng Pol. Rvw pod fo v/onltant ontat (lton po, daton, t.) Rvw taff valaton po, and povd ommndaton St p a data ollton tool gadng tanng nd Rvw taff HR fl managmnt – nng od a kpt n ln wth lvant pvay gdln Rvw of Flow hat, (Cla Rpotng Flow Chat). Rvw tmnaton of ontat pod, and nd of ontat domntaton. St a la tanng poly. Athod an poly

B- Fld vt – Wokhop wth taff to n la ndtandng of nw pod

Data ollton to ommn fom dk vw, po to aval n Sdan.  TGH Conty Dto and HR Coodnato wll ollaoat wth HR Expt to ha all domntaton ltonally pon ommnmnt of HR Expt ontat.

Th HR Expt wll vt th a n Daf– loaton to dtmnd dng mon dpndant on UNHAS flght, and ty ontxt n ah a n od to pot on what ha n ontly advand and what n pog dng th th month of ppot. TGH wll wok to n HR Expt an onlt taff fom all a, th thogh fld vt o mtng n Khatom.

Tagtd loaton – pol Fld Vt:

Golo (Cntal Daf) Um Dkhn (Cntal Daf) Bndz/Mkja al aa (Cntal Daf) El Gnna, Knk (Wt Daf) Zalng

C- Dlval

Th tdy and fld mon wll lad to dffnt domnt, wttn n Englh.

A gloal tdy pot , nldng:

Fndng of th amnt aodng to dtal n ton II B Rpot on th volton of TGH pat aodng to dtal n ton II B Rommndaton fo mpovmnt aodng to dtal n ton II B

   Cont dlval  fo th mon:

Rvd HR Poly Ext Intvw pod and tmplat Rvd alay al (BW and SW), nldng lvl wthn Rvd mploy nft pakag Nw  pdm, tavl allowan and nntv l (nlv of pod on how to vw th amont a nflaton at hang) Rvd Intnal taff glaton aodng to th pnalty od, nldng pdatd fom and HR pod Rvd HR fom (k lav, pal lav Ovtm) and pdat n aodan wth vd ISR Rvd Pfoman Evalaton tool, and pod Rvd dplnay pod Any addtonal HR  pod that nd to daftd to add gap dntfd y th HR Expt

Pntaton  (PowPont and wth handot) fo nfomng taff of nw pod – notng t wll nd to n y TGH taff followng omplton of onltaton,

Th lt of ponlt old modfd aodng to th nd.

Expn / Tanng

At lat 2 ya of xpn on fld HR oodnato poton n hmantaan ontxt Alty to ndtand and analy natonal HR lgal famwok Sold xpn and pat of HR tandad tool n hmantaan ontxt Atonomy and go. Dvlopd kll fo wok oganzaton and tak potzaton Exllnt ommnaton and wtng kll n Englh. Expn of Aa o Mlm ont and knowldg o Aa langag a dtnt advantag Pofnt of MS Off pak.


Loaton : Sdan, jo ad n Khatom wth fld vt

Daton : 3 month tatng ASAP (on month nay to omplt th va pod)

Condton : Salad ontat, go monthly alay €2 900, monthly p dm €600, mdal ovag of 100% + pataton nan + povdnt fnd, aommodaton, ntnatonal and loal tanpotaton a pat of th mon.

How to apply

Pla nd yo m and ov ltt on o wt  www.tanglgh.og   to th attnton of Amandn Rnat, Hman Ro Off.

Clk h to apply


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