TGH recruits 01 Surge Support Project Manager

TGH t 01 Sg Sppot Pojt Manag – Myanma


“Ato n a tanal and had oldaty”

Fondd n 1994, TGH an Intnatonal Non-Govnmntal Oganaton (INGO), gtd n Lyon, Fan. TGH dgn, mplmnt and monto Emgny pon, Rovy and Dvlopmnt pogam n th followng to: Wat Santaton Hygn (WASH), Food Sty and Lvlhood (FSL), Potton and Edaton. TGH ntly wok n 10 ont of Afa, Aa, Eop and th Mddl Eat.


TGH ha n atv n Myanma n 2007 wth a lag ang of Emgny, Rovy and Dvlopmnt pogam. It tatd wth Nag Han Rpon on th ad, na Yangon (Ba Emgny Nd & Lvlhood of afftd poplaton). It ontnd wth val ovy pojt n th Ayyawady Rgon, a wll a EU-fndd ntvnton fong on dalty nldng n Yangon. Fom 2012, TGH ha dvlopd val FSL pojt n Matp Townhp, Chn Stat, ngng Food Sty, Lvlhood (nom-gnatd atvt) and Natal Ro Managmnt a a vy old and ognzd xpt fo TGH Myanma. Followng th opnng of a Coodnaton Off n Yangon (2018), TGH Myanma ha xtndd t atvt n Sothn Chn, n Paltwa Townhp fo Mlt-Stoal Emgny pon to th loal poplaton afftd to th gowng onflt twn th Tatmadaw and th Aakan Amy.

TGH ntly wok wth 2 natonal CSO: A Yon Oo (AYO) n Matp Townhp and Rak Commnty dvlopmnt fondaton (RCDF) n Paltwa Townhp. Capaty ldng of mplmntng patn a o omponnt of TGH patnhp appoah. TGH ntly ngagd n 2 onotm wth INGO (on wth GRET and on wth Chtan Ad). Whl COVID-19 Pvnton and Ppadn ha n nldd n TGH wok n Myanma, th 2020 Opatonal Conty Statgy fo on 5 man aa fo nad apaty and tngthnd qalty dlvy of pogam. Alo, TGH Myanma look fowad to dvlopng nw aa of xpt (nl. Potton & Edaton and WASH) and n nw aa of th onty.

TGH mplmnt pojt n Myanma wth th fnanal ppot of th followng dono: Eopan Common (Eopad), Agn Fana d Dévloppmnt (AFD), Myanma Hmantaan Fnd (MHF), HARP-Falty (DFID) and th Fnh Mnty of Fogn Affa / Emay of Fan (AAP).

Pntaton of TGH Myanma and Pojt

TGH ha on Coodnaton Off n Yangon, on Fld Off n Matp Townhp, Chn Stat and two (lmtd and had) Fld Off n Paltwa Townhp, Chn Stat. Th total nm of taff 30+, nldng 4 ntnatonal poton wth th nw poton.

Th Pojt Manag wll ad n Yangon Coodnaton Off, jonng a tam of 11 taff nd th ladhp of th Conty Dto, wokng n lo latonhp wth th Sppot Sv Tam (5 taff fo Fnan, Admntaton, Logt, Commnaton and Gnal Sv) and ntgatng th vy nthat tam of Paltwa Rpon (4 taff, pl 8 fld taff n Paltwa Tp).

Ongong Aton and Pptv

In Paltwa Townhp, Chn Stat 1 Mlt-Stoal Emgny Rpon Pojt (MHF) wa ompltd n 2019. 2 Mlt-Stoal Emgny Rpon Pojt a ntly nd mplmntaton (MHF to ompltd n Oto 2020 and HARP-F to ompltd n Dm 2020). HARP-Falty fnanal ppot onfmd fo 2021 (12 month); fth fndng oppotnt a xptd (popoal to wttn fo nd of 2020). 1 FSL Pojt (AAP) nd mplmntaton ovng oth Paltwa and Matp Townhp (Hmantaan and Dvlopmnt Nx ontd). In Matp Townhp, Chn Stat 2 FSL Pojt (Eopad and AFD) a ntly nd mplmntaton and oth to ompltd n Mah 2021. 1 FSL Pojt (AAP) nd mplmntaton ovng oth Paltwa and Matp Townhp (Hmantaan and Dvlopmnt Nx ontd). Pptv fo 2021-2022 Contno ppot to afftd poplaton n Paltwa Townhp Nw FSL pojt n Sothn Chn, and poly n th Dy Zon Eal n 2020, po to COVID-19 tton, on Intal Amnt wa ndtakn n Bago Rgon (wth Ratana Mtta Oganzaton) wth a pf fo on Chld Potton, Gnd-Bad Voln and Eldly Ca. Dvlopmnt of TGH Dat Ppadn Capaty fo Rapd Rpon Sppot to IDP and poot ommnt n Yangon

Jo dpton

A a pat of th on-gong adjtd tam ttaton to mtgat COVID-19 hallng n th onty, th (Sg Sppot) Pojt Manag amng at povdng wth adqat and tmly ppot to Conty Dto and Pogam Coodnato n Yangon off.

Und th Conty Dto’ ln pvon and nd dt managmnt of latd Pogam Coodnato, th Pojt Manag wll n hag of:

Managmnt Sppot to TGH Paltwa Rpon  – [aot 70%]

At th Pogam Coodnato n th ovall TGH Paltwa Rpon Managmnt, nldng Atvt Plannng, Implmntaton and Montong, Tam Staff Spvon, Pomnt, Fnanal Montong, Knowldg Managmnt and Dono Rpot.

Ag wth th Pogam Coodnato on Qatly, Monthly and Wkly ojtv on how to ppot Paltwa Emgny Rpon B pat of th tam ffot, and wth th ppot of HQ thnal Dpatmnt, to nhand thnal apaty on th followng fld of xpt: Edaton, Chld Potton, FSL, WASH, Emgny Dtton Sppot Tam Capaty Bldng on Pojt Managmnt, Montong and Rpotng and Infomaton Managmnt Dvlop and faltat Staff and Patn Tanng ad on patpatoy nd amnt and oppotnt Sppot RCDF manag n pop mplmntaton of PISCA pojt, and dntfy and add any latd apaty gap Spv fld data ollton fom fld TGH & Patn tam to onoldat Infomaton Managmnt and Monthly Rpot B nvolvd n th ppaaton of gla pojt pot to dono and patn, a qd (md-tm pot, fnal pot, t.) Spv th omplton of monthly o qatly o annal pdat qt fom vao Clt, and povd wth adqat nd-a ppot to Natonal Pojt Manag Explo oppotnt to ppot Paltwa IDP n Yangon, and f lvant pv pop mplmntaton Plan and pv Pojt Thnal Rvw, Evalaton and Baln/Endln Svy and Thnal Std Attnd TGH Tam Coodnaton Mtng Condt fld vt fo pojt pvon and fld ppot, f pol and lvant

Managmnt Sppot to TGH Matp Pojt  – [aot 15%]

Implmnt AYO Intttonal Capaty Bldng n Yangon, on th followng top: (1) Montong & Evalaton, (2) Commnaton and (3) poly, COVID-19 Ppadn and pon and/o PSEA Safgadng Sppot th Pogam Coodnato on pogammng, mplmntng and analyng vy and lanng vw At thnal taff n th dvlopmnt of thnal lanng, t pat and any latd ommnaton matal

Conty Off Managmnt Sppot and Dvlopmnt  – [aot 15%]

At th Conty Dto on mot Yangon off managmnt y ollaoatng loly wth th Atng Had of Off (Fnan Manag) and glaly pot to Conty Dto Sgn on half of th Conty Dto all qd domnt fo ankng opaton and/o fomal ommnaton qng ognal, t not annd, gnat Adv th Commnaton and M&E Off n dvlopng ommnaton tatgy and matal, and ppot/oah on pop mplmntaton B nvolvd n th dvlopmnt of Conpt Not and Gant Popoal, a nd and nd th pvon of th Conty Dto Rpla th Conty Dto, whn not avalal, on INGO Fom Mtng and Hmantaan Bakfat Attnd Clt Mtng, ad on agd hang twn Pogam Coodnato and Pojt Manag. At th Conty Dto n plannng th dvlopmnt of TGH Dat Ppadn Capaty fo Rapd Rpon Idntfy and mplmnt ppot to IDP and poot ommnt n Yangon, nldng nnovatv appoah and dvlopmnt of nw patnhp Explo nw fndng oppotnt wth pl and pvat dono, nldng fondaton and CSR mhanm n Myanma

Th lt of Rol and Rponlt not xhatv and an adjtd ad on on-gong TGH Myanma nd.

Sty, wokng and lvng ondton

Th Pojt Manag wll ttly follow TGH Sty Plan n Myanma. In gnal, th Sty Stat n Yangon low (tal and alm) whl gnal and al a pvntv ty ma tll apply on a daly a.

Th Pojt Manag an ha a omfotal apatmnt n a plaant an aa of Yangon. A a whol, pofonal and lvng ondton a fndly and vy mh appatd.

Fld vt and oth pofonal tavl wll jt to COVID-19 govnmntal tton a wll a ty ondton.

Expén / Fomaton

D to COVID-19 tton n Myanma, a pplant mt hav a vald va (mnmm daton of 3 month) fo wok and mt ntly ad n th onty.

Unvty-Lvl Dg, pfaly a Mat Dg n th fld of Intnatonal Dvlopmnt, Pojt Managmnt, Poltal Std o oth latd on Fom xpn of wokng on Hmantaan C / Emgny Rpon Good knowldg of M&E Tool, Gant Rpotng and Popoal Dvlopmnt Famla wth pod of om of th followng dono agn: AAP, AFD, MHF, DFID, ECHO/Eopad, oth Povn xpn on Capaty Bldng fo Natonal/Loal CSO, nldng good Tanng Faltaton and tong Rpotng kll Flnt n wttn Englh and Fnh. Knowldg of Myanma langag wll appatd Fom xpn n Myanma o n Soth/Soth Eat Aa a vy tong at Pofnt of MS Off Pak. Knowldg on data pong and/o GIS oftwa an at Exllnt ntponal kll and dmontatd alty to wok a a tam mm, n an fftv tmly and flxl way, nd p and tght dadln Povn od of lf-ffnt and goo apaty and xllnt mlt-tak and poty plannng Gat n of hmo and xllnt alty to wok and lv n oth Myanma and Intnatonal nvonmnt


Conty :  Myanma – Loaton: ad n Yangon, wth poly a fw tp to Chn Stat and oth gon (n a of nw pogam aa dvlopmnt)

Daton :  3 month, tatng on 01 Novm 2020

Idally, th ltd anddat wold offd th poton of ladng TGH Paltwa Rpon Pojt fo a pod of on ya (all 2021), poton ad n TGH Yangon Coodnaton Off.

Total go monthly alay fom €1’900 to €2’600 dpndng on xpn, monthly p dm 450 EUR, mdal ovag of 100% + pataton nan + povdnt fnd, aommodaton, ntnatonal and loal tanpotaton a pat of th mon, ak vy 3 month.

No famly dty taton.

Mo nfomaton on  www.tanglgh.og  nd “Rtmnt”.

Commnt potl

Pla nd yo CV and ov ltt va TGH wt:


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