The International Organization for Migration recruits 01 Regional Liaison Intern

Th Intnatonal Oganzaton fo Mgaton t 01 Rgonal Laon Intn

Oganzatonal Contxt and Sop

Und th ovall pvon of th S Rgonal Laon & Poly Off and nd th dt pvon of th Rgonal Rah and Pojt Dvlopmnt Sppot Off, th ntn wll off ppot to th Rgonal laon nt and Rgonal Thmat Spalt (MHD, LHD & MECC) at th IOM Rgonal Off fo Wt and Cntal Afa, loatd n Daka, Sngal y faltatng laon wth dono and oth patn.


Tak wll nld:

Condt a Mappng of IOM dono and aton of a dono dataa fo Wt and Cntal Afa. Rglaly onlt dono wt to hk th platon of tnd and all fo popoal n th aa of ntt of th Rgonal and Conty Off. Shang nfomaton on all fo popoal wth th Conty and Rgonal Off. Idntfy potntal patn fom th pvat to n IOM atvt. Cat a data a of pvat patn n th gon. Sppot th dntfaton of patnhp wth aadm nttton, thnk-tank and ah nttton wthn th gon. Contt to nfomaton ht, pntaton,   and thmat gdan not on vao thmat notaly Mgaton and Halth, mgaton and lmat hang, and lao mgaton and hman dvlopmnt. Monto Mgaton and Halth-latd and dvlopmnt n th gon and onttng to th dvlopmnt of thmat pot and pol. At n th oganzaton of mtng/wokhop and tanng. Pfom any oth dt that may qd.

Intnhp qmnt 

B nolld n th fnal aadm ya of a ft nvty dg n Eonom, Polt, Soal Sn o a latd fld fom adtd aadm nttton; Exllnt daftng kll and alty to wt thnal and poly domnt; Exllnt ommnaton kll; Vy good knowldg of IT tool ; Stong alty to wok ndpndntly and hamonoly wthn a gop; Ponal ommtmnt, ffny, flxlty and motvaton.


Rqd** Fnh-Flnt Englh-Good


Inttd anddat a nvtd to nd th applaton to:  [email protected]  y Oto 22, 2020 at th latt, wth th followng fn n jt ln: RL INTERN ,ROWCA-HR-20-190.

Po potl,  nvoyz vot CV t vot ltt d motvaton  pa -mal à 

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