The World Food Programme recruts 01 Business Support & Information Sharing Assistant

Th Wold Food Pogamm t 01 Bn Sppot & Infomaton Shang Atant


Th Bdgt & Pogammng and Ntton Unt at RB lvl ha n ndgong majo ttng ffot n th gnnng of 2020 to nhan tt ffny and fftvn of th BPU and Ntton advoy fnton n th ppot povdd to Conty Off thogh a mo ntgatd, potfolo-ad appoah, lyng alo on tong and mo ytmat o fntonal ollaoaton and nfomaton hang.

Th hang ntodd hav hown th nd to tngthn, adjt, -oganz and tamln majo wok po ptanng to data ollton, nfomaton hang, ovall data ollton, pntaton and potng n ollaoaton wth oth ky nt n RBD a wll a n th ppot to Conty Off n algnmnt wth ovall  .

Wth gad to BPU: Wth th ongong COVID-19 latd opoat mgny, th nd to fth tngthn ntnal wok plannng and oganzaton fo fftv data omplaton, nfomaton hang and pfoman mamnt ha om vdnt; n addton, th dvlopmnt of tandad tmplat, wll domntd and odd ommndaton and odng of t pat ha alo om tal. Wth th nad wokload ad y th opoat COVID 19 mgny, ondng wth fagl taffng apaty ltng fom patd taff an/dopot, th taffng of th nt to ppot th vw and amnt of th adjtmnt ntodd and fth ppot nd to CO ahad nd to ootd ov th omng month.

Th ppot ndd don’t q a fll-tm atant.

Wth gad to th Ntton Unt: Wth th pol ontton fom DEVCO to ‘ntton’ n th gon, mltpl domnt (SOP’ to CO’) nd to ppad and mtng hld (twn RBD thnal nt nvolvd, wth CO’,..) n od to pt an ffnt oodnaton mhanm n pla n RBD t alo at CO-lvl. In addton, th ppaatoy pha wll alo nld tmnt of onltant. Th om wth a of admntatv tp (ng, VA’, followng p on tmnt, nng tkt, hotl, t. a ookd, onltant v IT-matal, onoadng, t.). Th ppot ndd ntly not avalal to th ntton nt and don’t q a fll-tm atant.

Thfo, th BP and Ntton nt a kng to jontly t a Bn ppot and Plannng atant fo an ntal pod of 5 month. Th wok n ppot of th 2 nt wll oganzd jontly twn th 2 had of nt and atant on a wkly a.

Ky ponlt   (not all-nlv, no xhatv):
Sppot admntatv and o fntonal po fo th BPU and Ntton nt fo tmly xton of dadln and podton of fnal domnt and not nldng od kpng h a NFR of mtng and admntatv ppot to taff (and onltant.) Sppot oth nt’ wokplan montong and vw nldng th daftng of mnt/aton pont and th montong of KPI (pfoman managmnt). Povd ppot fo ovall nt’ pfoman mamnt ffot to a nd and nfom po nhanmnt/mpovmnt and lon lant dmnaton n ppot to tt CO ppot and o fntonal ollaoaton thogh lnt/takhold atfaton vy Sppot th wok plannng qmnt and ffot of th nt thogh a vw, -oganzaton & tamlnng of th data poto fo ffnt nfomaton hang Sppot th ppaaton of pod / ad ho plan, pot and pntaton fo fth vw, to n th povon of aat and /ad-fndly nfomaton to ntnal and xtnal takhold and faltat nfomaton hang, onltaton, don makng and adv Mantan ommnaton wth ky nt takhold (CO and RB ollag) fo data onoldaton and o fntonal ffot, pally aond th COVID 19 mgny and DEVCO, to n aay, ontny and od kpng and of data olltd/ppad Extat, ompl and fomat data fom th opoat ytm and fomat wthn th talhd dadln, to nal ay a to nfomaton and ppot analy.
Jo qmnt 
Clnt ontaton Ba analytal kll opld wth knowldg of talaton and pntaton tool (EXCEL, POWERPOINT, WORD) and vy Fat lanng and amlaton of nw ytm and tool Tamwok Oganzaton and Plannng Conoldaton and Pntaton kll Radng and wtng kll n Englh and Fnh ntal to n fftv ppot to pfoman vw ntatv Expn n ovall Oganzaton/Montong of tak and Bdgt plannng wll ondd a PLUS Pvo n-ho xpn nldng th tlzaton of opoat ytm and po wll an advantag to xpdt th onoadng po and nd th taff flly opatonal wthn a hot lanng pod.


Complton of onday hool daton. A pot-onday tfat n th latd fntonal aa hghly dal (.g. Bn Admntaton, Pojt managmnt, Fnan & Aontng).

Clong Dat:  19.10.2020

Po potl à pot vllz vt  a5.fato. .

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