Tskaltubo Local Action Group launches 1st Phase of Grants Competition (Georgia)

Tkalto Loal Aton Gop lanh 1t Pha of Gant Comptton (Goga)

Dadln: 16-Ot-20

Th EU-ppotd Tkalto Loal Aton Gop ha lanhd th ft pha of Gant omptton n Tkalto to fnd pojt that wll ppot loal dvlopmnt n th mnpalty.

Sd Gant Th am of th gant omptton to mpov th oo-onom ondton of th loal poplaton n Tkalto Mnpalty, pomotng dvfaton of th onomy, and nang a to a oal v y ppotng pojt that a n ln wth th pot and ojtv of th Tkalto Loal Dvlopmnt Statgy (LDS).

Popl n Nd (PIN), n patnhp wth th Gogan Inttt of Pl Affa (GIPA), ppotng Tkalto LAG nd th EU-ppotd ENPARD pojt “Loal Aton Gop Tkalto”. Th pojt o-fndd y th Czh Dvlopmnt Agny (CzDA).


Impovng th qalty of lf of th dnt of Tkalto Mnpalty Impovng and pomotng tanal onom dvlopmnt Ung loy o.

Goal 1: A tong and dvfd loal onomy Tak: Sppotng th aton of nw/nnovatv agltal podt ath; Impovng th qalty of agltal podt Nw thno-Ung log and qpmnt; Nw / Innovatv Tom Sv and Po- fo Tkalto Sppot fo atng dt; Sppot and mpov th aton of hohold v; Epally n vllag fa fom th nt; Ina awan of xtng / nw podt and v; Podton of podt wth jont maktng and qalty mak Gowth ppot. Goal 2: Impovd oal and ommnty(Commnty) Sv Tak: Sppot th aton of nw oal and ommnty v; Sppot fo th ntttonal dvlopmnt of oal and ommnty v Capt, matal and thnal a and a to Impovmnt, pally n vllag fa fom th nt; Caton of pot-ltal and atonal nfatt, aton Halzaton and qppng and tanal, val, and long-tm Sppot fo tm v; Aqton of pofonal knowldg and pat fo yong popl Catng a datng oppotnty. Goal 3: Potv nvonmntal pat Tak: Ina awan aond nvonmntal ; Th t nvonmntal pat n aglt and tom Sha and Kt K; Sppot fo nvonmntally ontd v and manfatng. Goal 4: Tkalto Dvlopmnt Gop a tong and Stanal pla Loa ato Tak: Poplaz th LEADER appoah; Aoaton of Loal Dvlopmnt Gop of Goga (GALAG) Stngthn patnhp wth mm; Etalhmnt of ntnatonal onnton and oopaton; Oganzatonal tngthnng of th Tkalto Dvlopmnt Gop. Elglty Cta

Th gant omptton wll ppot n (agltal, and non-agltal), a wll a pl and ommnty pojt. Elgl applant an ndvdal, lgal ntt gtd n Goga, agltal oopatv, non-poft oganzaton, datonal nttton, and ntatv gop, povdd that all mttd pojt wll mplmntd n Tkalto Mnpalty and th applant ag wth th tm of o-fnanng. Fo mo nfomaton, vt http://t.ly/3jCKVCh

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