UN Women CFPs: Offering Grants ranging USD 35,000 – USD 45,000 (Pakistan)

UN Women CFPs: Offering Grants ranging USD 35,000 – USD 45,000 (Pakistan)


The UN Women is seeking proposals for Identification & Redressal of GBV in Refugee and Host Populations through Community-Based Mechanisms in South Waziristan KP.

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The CERF project under UN Women response will cover gender responsive community mechanisms for GBV identification and referral, building strong connections with local leaders and women human rights defenders, economic empowerment to GBV survivors. Activities will also focus on some population of persons with disabilities and refugees.

UN Women brings its technical expertise in gender equality and links with the global women’s movement to the UN Women Pakistan mission to strengthen the effectiveness, coordination, and quality of outputs of the UN mission on gender equality.

The strategy in Pakistan encompasses strengthening the capacity of government, non-governmental organizations and UN system to deliver on Pakistan’s national and international commitments to gender equality, protection and women’s empowerment by ensuring that voices of women and human rights-based approach is integrated fully in the development agenda of the country

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Funding Information

The budget range for this proposal should be USD 35,000 – USD 45,000.
Output & Activities

The project proposes the following output/activities:

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Outcome1: To address immediate life-saving needs of GBV survivors in refugee and host populations in COVID 19-affected areas and provide livelihood support to help them rebuild their lives through identification, referral and redressal mechanisms using community-based approaches.

Output 1: Gender-responsive community outreach groups formed and orientated for GBV identification and referral, consisting of women human rights defenders, teachers and community leaders.
Activity 1: Formation of community 10 groups including identification of human rights defenders and community leaders to be enlisted
Activity 2: Awareness-raising sessions (20), FGDs (20) and GBV counselling sessions (20) with refugees and host populations
Activity 3: Provision of 500 dignity kits to women and girls.
Output 2: GBV survivors facilitated through referral to shelter homes or other GBV redressal services
Activity 1: Improving accessibility and services for responding to GBV survivors during the emergency.
Activity 2: Encouraging women to seek support for GBV
Activity 3: Facilitating GBV survivors through timely referrals and linking them to other GBV services.
Output 3: Women GBV survivors facilitated to become financially independent through livelihood support
Activity 1: Provision of 20 Economic Kits to GBV survivors to set up small businesses
Activity 2: Support women businesses by provision of information on services available for grants and loans to set up micro businesses
Output 4: PWDs in refugee and host communities accessed with GBV messaging and provided with care packages and dignity kits
Activity 1: Ensure gender equality and disability inclusion in community outreach activities
Activity 2: Distribution of care packages and dignity kits to PWDs

At least 10 years of experience in designing and implementation of subject activities.
Reputed national registered organization with representative office in Pakistan and having outreach in areas of intervention.
Proven track record in working in the area of Protection – Sexual and/or Gender-Based Violence
Work experience with UN agencies or other international development agencies is an advantage.
Ability to communicate in local language.
Working experience in development related field.
A verifiable reputation of integrity and competence.
For more information, visit https://www.unwomen.org/en/about-us/programme-implementation/2020/11/call-for-proposals-cfp-pak-2020-002

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