UNDP Call for Project Concepts: GEF Small Grants Programme’s Operational Phase 7 (Belize)

UNDP Call fo Pojt Conpt: GEF Small Gant Pogamm’ Opatonal Pha 7 (Blz)

Dadln: 30-Ot-20

Untd Naton Dvlopmnt Pogamm (UNDP) n Blz nvtng lgl vl oty oganzaton to mt nnovatv pojt onpt fo GEF Small Gant Pogamm (GEF SGP) whh ommnng th Opatonal Pha 7 (OP7).

Sd Gant Th GEF Small Gant Pogamm ppot vl oty oganzaton ldng th apaty, nang th xpo to xtnal knowldg, and ppotng th patpaton n natonal dalog, nng th vo a had. GEF SGP ppot th gowth nto vant, fftv non-govnmntal oganzaton, ldng long-tm patnhp ad on had von, pt, and a mtal lvl of ndtandng of th nd fo th tanal managmnt of Blz’ natal o algnd to Hozon 2030.

GEF SGP ppot a knowldg platfom fo th hang of nnovatv da, good pat, lon land, and fl tatg ao Blz, gonally, and aond th wold. It alo ppot platon and alng p of fl otom, tngthnng th mpat of loal ontton to natonal and gloal tanal dvlopmnt goal.

Fndng Infomaton

Small gant, angng fom US$5,000 to US$50,000.00, wll awadd to lgl vl oty oganzaton. A maxmm of US$50,000.00 an awadd to a Gant Patn p Opatonal Pha of th GEF SGP. On tatg pojt of US$150,000.00 may awadd to an lgl oganzaton that mt th lglty ta and hgh potntal fo platon/alng p and wth lvagd ah and n-knd o-fnanng at th landap o aap lvl ngagng two o mo CSO. Poty Thm

Pojt onpt mt add on o mo of th followng tatg ntatv:

Commnty-ad onvaton of thatnd oytm and p Impov managmnt fftvn of pottd aa and ommnty onvd aa govnan ffot twn vl oty oganzaton and glatoy govnmnt agn; Impov ommnty-ld odvty-fndly pat and appoah, nldng pomotng l onomy (.g. aglt, fh, foty, tom, gn nfatt, t.); Enhan ommnty-ld nat-ad olton fo th potton of thatnd p; Stanal nnovatv lndd fnanng opton fo th ttal and man pottd aa ytm; Enhan twadhp ffot of wathd, ologal odo, and oatal landap. Stanal aglt, fh, and food ty/ovgnty Ina ffny and fftvn of ovall loal food podton and val han ng nnovaton and thnology fotng gn ntpnhp; Ina tanal nom dvfaton and lvlhood mpovmnt fo pon wth dv alt, womn, yoth, and mn n al and an landap; Expand fotaton and toaton of landap n al and an landap; Salng-p agoologal famly famng ytm applyng tadtonal and ndgno knowldg whl nhanng odvty and lvlhood. Low-aon ngy a o-nft Pomot nwal and ngy-ffnt thnolog povdng oo-onom nft and mpovng lvlhood to mot al and mot ommnt; Pomot off-gd ngy v nd n al and an aa; Plot mon-f tanpotaton n Blz. Loal to gloal oalton fo hmal and wat managmnt Pomot plat/old wat managmnt and la onomy; Rd/mov th of hmal n aglt. Atvt

Pojt onpt mt add on o mo of th followng thmat aa of fo: apaty dvlopmnt, nnovaton, pojt tanalty, th potntal fo platon, palng, mantamng, and gnd qalty, and qty ondaton a hghly dal and wll ondd dng th pojt onpt vw po. Elglty Cta

I yo oganzaton lgally gtd and n good tandng (n Blz)?

A natonal o loal non-govnmntal oganzaton (NGO) wth a loal Boad of Dto, Commnty-ad oganzaton (CBO); Womn` Gop o Yoth Gop; Rognzd ndgno mlla o gaoot oganzaton; o Loal oopatv o aoaton. Aot A a opoat pogamm of th Gloal Envonmnt Falty (GEF), th GEF Small Gant Pogamm (SGP), mplmntd y Untd Naton Dvlopmnt Pogamm (UNDP) ha n atv n Blz n 1993, povdng ov US$7.39 mllon and lvagd US$8.58 mllon fo nvtmnt to mo than 281 pojt gondd n th ommnt, ldng apaty, addng vlnalt and povdng oppotnt to pak and nt nnovaton that a npd y a h mx of odvty, htag and lt n Blz.

GEFSGP` nvtmnt a algnd wth tho of th GEF to fnd nnovatv, nlv, and mpatfl pojt that add gloal nvonmntal and tanal dvlopmnt , whl addng th GEF Foal Aa of: Bodvty Convaton, Clmat Chang Mtgaton and Adaptaton, Pvnton of Land Dgadaton, Potton of Intnatonal Wat, Rdton of th Impat of Chmal.

Fo mo nfomaton, vt http://t.ly/3d7LVMk

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