UNDP recruits 01 Programme Associate

UNDP t 01 Pogamm Aoat

Und th ovall gdan of th Rgonal Rpntatv and th dt pvon of th Rgonal Coodnato of th Gloal Fam pogamm and th Sahl Pogamm Coodnato, th Pogamm Aoat wll ponl fo all admntatv tak and ltd tantv agnmnt latd to th wok of th Fam Gloal pogamm  and wll wok ollaoatvly wth th Sahl tam and povd 50% of h tm to at th Sahl Coodnato n paalll  wth ROSEN and UNODC HQ ppot tam.

Dt and ponlt

Smmay of Ky Fnton:

Analyz and povd admntatv ppot to th Gloal Fam pogamm and th Sahl pogamm (50%) Contt to managmnt of th Gloal fam pogamm and Sahl Pogamm (15%) Sppot th ppaaton of th Gloal fam pogamm and Sahl Pogamm and atvty domnt and pot (15%) Sppot atvt latd to o molzaton fo th Gloal Fam pogamm and Sahl Pogamm wok n Wt and Cntal Afa (10%) Faltat oodnaton wth ollag n HQ to n mooth mplmntaton of atvt (10%)

Pogamm Plannng ppot

Povd pogammat ppot n th ppaaton of wok plan, dgt, and fndng popoal, nldng, omplaton of ommnt on th dffnt taton and fnalzaton; Gath, ompl and po data and nfomaton fom ont, dono, Rgonal Off, and pojt tam fo th ppaaton of domnt n laton to th wok of th Ston;

Pogamm Implmntaton Sppot

Gath, ompl and po data and nfomaton fom nfay ont, dono, Rgonal Off, and pojt tam fo th ppaaton of domnt and dataa latng to pogamm managmnt;  Ppa opondn, pot (tantv and fnanal), domnt and platon; At n daftng amnt pot, valaton pot and ah domnt; Aang appontmnt, mtng, tanng and mon nldng patpant’ tavl and admntatv aangmnt; ngotat and mtng vn; ppa mtng domnt and mtng pot; Collt tatt, data and nfomaton to d fo tantv montong and valaton; Undtak fth ah atvt a qd; Poatvly mantan th atvt of th Gloal Fam pogamm whl oth pojt taff a on mon;

Admntatv and Fnanal Managmnt Sppot

Sppot th Coodnato of th two Pogamm n th takng and potng on atvt and o. Monto on an ongong a dgt, alloaton and xpndt y gant, and ppa qd dgt von; Rvw Fnanal Rpot; Undtak pomnt and latd fnanal aangmnt n oodnaton wth th Admntatv and Fnan Unt.

Faltaton of Knowldg Bldng and Knowldg Shang

Mantan fftv lton and had opy flng ytm.

Impat of Rlt

Tmly, pofonal and aat ppot to all atvt mplmntd y th Gloal fam pogamm and Sahl Pogamm wll hav an mpat on th mplmntaton qalty of th UNODC pogamm. A lnt-ontd and ffnt appoah mpat on th mag of UNODC n th gon.


Plannng & oganzng :

Alty to dvlop la ojtv n aodan wth agd pon tatg; To dntfy tak and atvt that hav to dalt wth a a matt of poty; To adjt pot f qd; to alloat appopat tm and o to ompltng tak; To antpat k and to adopt otv ma n th o of plannng and xtng atvt; To tm n an fftv mann.


Alty to wok ollaoatvly wth ollag to ahv oganzatonal goal, olt npt y gnnly valng nw da and xpt; Wllngn to lan fom oth; pla tam agnda fo ponal agnda; Sppot and at n aodan wth fnal gop don, vn whn h don may not ntly flt own poton; Sha dt fo tam aomplhmnt and apt jont ponlty fo tam hotomng; Alty to wok wth a mall tam of pofonal taff; Flxl appoah and wllngn to at wth a vaty of oth tak;


Vy good ommnaton kll, nldng th alty to daft poly, td and ommnaton to vao ontpat and to atlat da n a la and on mann; Alty to ltn to oth, otly ntptng mag fom oth and pondng appopatly; Dmontatng opnn n hang nfomaton and kpng popl nfomd;

Clnt ontaton

Condng all tho to whom v a povdd to “lnt” and kng to thng fom lnt’ pont of vw; Etalhng and mantanng podtv patnhp wth lnt y ganng th tt and pt; Idntfyng lnt’ nd and mathng thm to appopat olton; Montong ongong dvlopmnt nd and otd th lnt’ nvonmnt to kp nfomd and antpat polm; Kpng lnt nfomd of pog o tak n pojt; mtng tmln fo dlvy of podt o v to lnt.
Qalfaton and xpn


Complton of onday hool qd; A dg n n, managmnt o pl admntaton (o lvant) opondng to 4 ya o mo of pot-onday daton qd.


At lat 6 ya of xpn n admntatv, pogamm and /o managmnt ppot n an ntnatonal oganzaton and/o a non-govnmntal oganzaton and/o th pvat to Expn n admntaton and fnan n ppot to thnal atan pogamm qd. Expn n th fld of Fam ontol, m o tom an at. Knowldg of Untd Naton pod and l an at Wokng xpn wth U.N. admntaton and fnanal managmnt an at. Exllnt ompt kll (MS Wod, Exl, Powpont, ntnt, -mal) a qd.

Langag qmnt 

Exllnt wttn and val ommnaton kll n Englh and Fnh;

Applaton dadln: 20-Sp-20

Po potl à pot vllz vt  jo.ndp.og .

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