UNESCO recruits 01 Associate it officer

UNESCO t 01 Aoat t off


Daka, Sénégal
Hmanta (ONG, Aoaton, …), Pojt/pogamm d dévloppmnt

ASSOCIATE IT OFFICER Pot Nm : 6SNIEP0060PA Gad : NO-B Pant Sto : Edaton Sto (ED) Dty Staton: Daka Jo Famly: Edaton Typ of ontat : Pojt Appontmnt Daton of ontat : 1 ya Rtmnt opn to : Intnal and xtnal anddat Applaton Dadln (Mdnght Pa Tm) : 19-OCT-2020 – RE-ADVERTIZED UNESCO Co Val:  Commtmnt to th Oganzaton, Intgty, Rpt fo Dvty, Pofonalm Only Natonal of Sngal may apply to th poton. Daton of Contat: On (1) ya wth th polty of an xtnon jt to atfatoy pfoman and avalalty of fnd       ORGANIZATIONAL SETTING Pôl d Daka th Intnatonal Inttt fo Edatonal Plannng’ (IIEP) Afa-ad off loatd n Daka, Sngal. IIEP a UNESCO palzd nttt wth a mandat to tngthn Mm Stat’ apaty to plan and manag th daton ytm. Pôl d Daka nownd fo t ttng-dg datonal to analy and ppot Afan ont n dvlopng alt and dl daton ytm dvlopmnt plan n ppot of th Edaton 2030 agnda, an ntal pat of th 2030 Agnda fo Stanal Dvlopmnt. Thogh a wll-aftd and tagtd apaty dvlopmnt appoah, Pôl d Daka ontt to th aton of dagnot analy, to plan and pdagogal tool. In ont, th ontt to mo lvant and tanal datonal pol ao Afa. Pol d Daka alo atvly nvolvd n knowldg aton fo th daton to n Afa. Fo mo nfomaton aot t atvt, pla follow th lnk Pôl d Daka In addton to an attatv alay and nft pakag, IIEP ontnoly k atv way to motvat and ngz t popl y povdng manngfl and hallngng wok and lanng oppotnt. OVERVIEW OF THE FUNCTIONS OF THE POST  Und th ovall athoty of th Coodnato, th dt pvon of th Admntatv Off and th ICT Off n Pa and n lo ollaoaton wth th lvant IT v at UNESCO BREDA,  th nmnt wll at a IIEP’ ntwok thnan ponl fo olvng ICT-latd n a tmly and ffnt mann. Th nmnt wll wok n a ollaoatv tam nvonmnt to ahv th followng ojtv: 1.    Povd ft lvl IT ppot to all taff and tan at IIEP Pol d Daka va th Hlpdk.  Dagno, dtt, olv and follow p on IT whh nld t a not  lmtd to:  (a) advng taff on th pop of oftwa podt h a MS Off and Skyp fo Bn; () data akp and toaton; () v and malwa dtton, moval and pvnton; (d) ah and tval of data fom ntnal and xtnal o; () olhootng v h a pntng, Intnt onnton, t.  2.    Pfom Sytm admntaton of th Off’ vtalzd nfatt nldng Wndow and Lnx v and ntwok attahd toag to n maxmm ptm and avalalty of o.

3.    Coodnat wth th Pa IT tam fo path, hang, pgad and dploymnt. 4.    Admnt th fwall lt to n ty of th ntnal ntwok and alty of plly avalal v. 5.    Admnt U and ompt aont nldng pawod t, gop mmhp and gop pol. 6.    Pfom ompt magng and n ompt a p to dat wth th latt path and ant-v dfnton. 7.    Manag IT tok ppl and pa pat and pfom otn pa.  Contat manfat n a of all o pa nd waanty. COMPETENCIES (Co / Managal )Commnaton (C)Aontalty (C)Innovaton (C)Knowldg hang and ontno mpovmnt (C)Plannng and oganzng (C)Rlt fo (C)Tamwok (C)-Fo dtald nfomaton, pla onlt th UNESCO Comptny Famwok. REQUIRED QUALIFICATIONS   Edaton Advand nvty dg (Mat o qvalnt ) n Commnaton Thnology (ICT) o latd fld. Wok Expn Mnmm 2 ya of xpn  n th fld of nfomaton thnolog nldng Hlpdk ppot, mantnan of hadwa and oftwa, pakag and applaton.  Skll and omptn    Exllnt  knowldg of TCP/IP ntwok, otng and fwall. Exllnt Compt kll and of lvant oftwa h a MS Off and MS Vo.Good knowldg of Symant Endpont Manag and IT tktng ytm.Exllnt knowldg of Skyp fo Bn, WEx, Zoom and oth onln ommnaton tool.Good knowldg of Mooft Atv Dtoy, MS Exhang, Powhll, Lnx and VMWa. Good knowldg of Wndow Updat Sv.Good ntponal kll.  Alty to talh good wokng latonhp wth a mltltal tam and th ommnty at lag to faltat tam-wok.Dmontatd ofln, ntatv, matty, tat, attn and th alty to dntfy polm aa and olv thm fftvly and ffntly.Alty and wllngn to aq and apply nw knowldg and thnq to own wok. Good ommnaton (pokn and wttn) kll, nldng th alty to xplan and pnt thnal nfomaton, fftvly tan/adv on ytm latd , applaton,t and ppa wttn domntaton n a la, on tyl. Langag Exllnt knowldg of Englh o Fnh and good wokng knowldg of th oth langag.

DESIRABLE QUALIFICATIONS   Edaton Rlvant tfaton n hadwa and oftwa managmnt.

Wok Expn Rlvant xpn n an ntnatonal wok nvonmnt.

Langag Knowldg of Potg wold an addd advantag.

BENEFITS AND ENTITLEMENTS  UNESCO’ ala ont of a a alay and oth nft whh, wh applal, nld 30 day annal lav, famly allowan, mdal nan, pnon plan t. Fo mo nfomaton on Staff nft and nttlmnt, pla follow th lnk: ICSC ooklt SELECTION AND RECRUITMENT PROCESS Evalaton of qalfd applant may nld a wttn amnt x followd y a omptny-ad oal ntvw. UNESCO appl a zo tolan poly agant all fom of haamnt. UNESCO ommttd to ahv and tan gnd paty among t taff mm n all atgo and at all gad. Fthmo, UNESCO ommttd to ahvng wokfo dvty n tm of gnd, natonalty and lt. Indvdal fom mnoty gop, ndgno gop and pon wth dalt, a wll a natonal fom non-and nd-pntd Mm Stat (lat pdat h) a qally noagd to apply. All applaton wll tatd wth th hght lvl of onfdntalty.  UNESCO do not hag a f at any tag of th tmnt po. POSTULER

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