UNICEF recruits 01 Implementing Partnership Mgmt Specialist, P3

UNICEF t 01 Implmntng Patnhp Mgmt Spalt, P3


Khatom, Sdan
Hmanta (ONG, Aoaton, …), Pojt/pogamm d dévloppmnt

Implmntng Patnhp Mgmt Spalt, P3, Khatom, Sdan Jo no: 534922Contat typ: Fxd Tm AppontmntLvl: P-3Loaton: SdanCatgo: Pogamm Managmnt UNICEF wok n om of th wold’ toght pla, to ah th wold’ mot dadvantagd hldn. To av th lv. To dfnd th ght. To hlp thm flfll th potntal. Ao 190 ont and tto, w wok fo vy hld, vywh, vy day, to ld a tt wold fo vyon.

And w nv gv p. Fo vy hld, a Ft Th ovall goal of Sdan onty pogamm 2018-2021 to ontt to natonal ffot to nal all hldn and adolnt n Sdan, pally tho n th mot vlnal taton, to hav th ght pogvly flflld and to dvlop to th fll potntal n an nlv and pottv nvonmnt. UNICEF wok n patnhp wth a wd ang of mplmntng patn, oth govnmnt and CSO patn, to dlv lt fo hldn. Efftv mplmntng patnhp managmnt thfo ntal fo nng that o a tlzd a ntndd and lt a ng ahvd. Sdan CO lookng fo an xpnd Implmntng Patnhp Managmnt Spalt to povd thnal and admntatv ppot to n qalty, fftv and ffnt managmnt of mplmntng patnhp n th onty off.

How an yo mak a dffn? Und th gdan of th Dpty Rpntatv, th Implmntng Patnhp Managmnt Spalt wll povd thnal and admntatv ppot and lad th fftv managmnt of mplmntng patnhp and nhan UNICEF’ dlty to patn whh wll hav dt mpat on pogamm xton and dlvy of tanal lt.

1. Sppot to mplmntng patnhp managmnt Povd thnal ppot to th onty off n th fomalzaton of mplmntng patnhp wth govnmnt, vl oty oganzaton and oth mplmntng patn n ln wth lvant pol, pod and gdln, nldng th CSO Pod and gdan on wok plan.

Povd thnal and admntatv ppot n th mplmntaton of HACT n ln wth th HACT poly and pod and oth lvant oganzatonal pol, pod and gdln, nldng th DFAM Poly 5: Cah Dmnt Spplmnt 3-Cah Tanf (HACT). Th nld oodnatng th ppaaton of CO annal amnt and aan plan, faltatng t xton and oodnatng wth oth adoptng agn a appopat Coodnat wth and/o k thnal ppot of th Rgonal Off on mplmntaton of th CSO and HACT pod. 2. Qalty aan Contt to th dgn of and mplmnt qalty aan tatg/po fo th mplmntaton of th CSO pod. Th nld po to n that mplmntng patn a ltd and ad n aodan wth th CSO pod and that all domntaton n ln wth opoat tandad a tplatd n th CSO pod.

Contt to th dgn of and mplmnt qalty aan tatg/po to n that HACT amnt and aan atvt a ndtakn n aodan wth opoat tm of fn and gdan and that appopat follow-p aton and alaton tp a takn a ndd. 3.      Analy, montong and potng Analyz and monto ah tanf at th onty off lvl, payng patla attnton to ottandng dt ah tanf mo than 6 month.

Ung appopat opoat tool and ytm nldng InSght and -Tool, pot on tat of mplmntaton of HACT and dntfy hgh k aa qng pal attnton and/o ppot fom th gonal off. Monto ntnal onty off po fo fomalzng mplmntng patnhp wth CSO to n that opoat tmln a adhd to, pally n hmantaan pon. Ppa pot fo CMT and Rgonal Off a may qd. 4. Innovaton, knowldg managmnt and apaty ldng Sv a th todan of all mplmntng patnhp domntaton h a amnt and aan pot, PCA, SSFA and pogamm domnt, nng that thy a adqatly latd n th off and poply ahvd.

Dgn and mplmnt apaty ldng tatgy/ntatv fo CO taff to n that CO taff a knowldgal and omply wth th HACT and CSO pod and oth lvant opoat pol, pod and gdan that mpat on mplmntng patnhp managmnt Dgn and mplmnt/faltat apaty ldng tatgy/ntatv fo taff of mplmntng patn to n that thy a knowldgal on all apt of patnng wth UNICEF, wth patla mpha on th HACT and CSO pod. Patpat n onty off ERM x to n that k fo mplmntng patnhp managmnt a dntfd and mtgaton ma pt n pla. To qalfy a an advoat fo vy hld yo wll hav… • An Advand Unvty Dg  n Dvlopmnt td, Intnatonal Dvlopmnt, Pogamm/Pojt Managmnt Bn Admntaton, Fnanal Managmnt, Eonom, Adtng o oth lvant fld qd.

• A mnmm of 5 ya of pofonal xpn  n pogamm/pojt dvlopmnt and managmnt o fnan at th natonal and ntnatonal lvl om of whh wth th UN and/o n a dvlopng onty qd. • Flny n Englh qd. Knowldg of anoth offal UN langag o a loal langag an at. Fo vy Chld, yo dmontat… UNICEF’ val of Ca, Rpt, Intgty, Tt, and Aontalty (CRITA) and th followng o omptn of ommnaton, wokng wth popl and dv fo lt and..

Fntonal Comptn ? Fomlatng tatg and onpt (II) ? Analyzng (III)? Rlatng and ntwokng (II)? Ddng and Intatng aton (II)? Applyng thnal xpt (III) Vw o omptny famwok at UNICEF ommttd to dvty and nlon wthn t wokfo, and noag all anddat, ptv of gnd, natonalty, lgo and thn akgond, nldng pon lvng wth dalt, to apply to om a pat of th oganzaton. UNICEF ha a zo-tolan poly on ondt that nompatl wth th am and ojtv of th Untd Naton and UNICEF, nldng xal xplotaton and a, xal haamnt, a of athoty and dmnaton. UNICEF alo adh to tt hld afgadng pnpl. All ltd anddat wll xptd to adh to th tandad and pnpl and wll thfo ndgo goo fn and akgond hk. Bakgond hk wll nld th vfaton of aadm dntal() and mploymnt htoy. Sltd anddat may qd to povd addtonal nfomaton to ondt a akgond hk. Rmak: Molty a ondton of ntnatonal pofonal mploymnt wth UNICEF and an ndlyng pm of th ntnatonal vl v. Only hotltd anddat wll ontatd and advan to th nxt tag of th lton po. D to COVID19, off phyal pn and tavl tton mght n pla at th dty taton. In th gad, t xptd that th ltd nmnt wll hav th o to wok motly a long a t qd. On COVID19 tton a lftd, t xptd that th nmnt wll phyally pnt n th poton dty taton. Spf mtan wll dd dng th tmnt po. Pla not that om nttlmnt latd to loaton wll fftv on th offal tavl to th dty taton tak pla. Dadln: 25 Ot 2020 E. Afa Standad Tm POSTULER

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