United States: George Gund Foundation’s Grants

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United States: George Gund Foundation’s Grants

Deadline: 15-Nov-21

Applications are now open for the George Gund Foundation’s Grants for nonprofit institution with the sole purpose of contributing to human well-being and the progress of society.

The Foundation’s commitment to Cleveland derives not just from the history but also from their belief that Cleveland can continue to develop original responses to issues that can benefit people everywhere. The focus on Cleveland offers an important point of leverage to affect issues that go well beyond the city’s boundaries and includes its roles as a place for innovation, an example and a leader in Ohio, a politically important state that can wield outsized influence nationally and, therefore, globally.

Such challenges are many but three interrelated issues stand out:

Climate change and environmental degradation,
Entrenched and accelerating inequality, especially racial inequity, and
Weakened democracy.
Program Areas
The Foundation organizes the work through program areas:
Climate and environmental justice: They support the use of Cleveland’s unique environmental history and leadership, especially regarding water, to advance a healthy and sustainable future. In particular, they focus on projects and policies that contribute to the fight against climate change. Linked to every aspect of life, climate change increasingly threatens human lives.
Creative culture and arts: They promote a vibrant, diverse and thriving arts community in Cleveland that enhances learning, strengthens pride of place, creates an emotional connection to the environment and deepens the impact of opportunities for those who might otherwise be denied them.
Public education: They support public education because it is fundamental to American democracy. It promotes the common good, brings together children and families across different cultures, and serves all students, regardless of means, ability or circumstances. They believe in the premise and power of public education and they work to ensure every child in Cleveland attends a high-quality school and every neighborhood has a multitude of great schools from which families can choose.
Thriving families and social justice: Historic barriers to opportunity for both individuals and families must be removed to fully realize human potential. They strive toward a more just community and society that eliminate the conditions that create human need or limit fundamental rights. Consequently, they invest in growth and development opportunities for historically marginalized people at critical life junctures, such as pre-natal and early childhood, adolescence, young adulthood, and when entering the workforce or forming a family.
Vibrant neighborhoods and inclusive economy: They support work to achieve inclusive growth and opportunity for all of Cleveland’s neighborhoods and residents. City neighborhoods are essential to their regional economy as the largest concentrations of employers and employees, as talent magnets and as places where the exchange of ideas and insights can flourish. City neighborhood density, walkability, bike-ability and access to transit help to fight climate change.
Application Procedures
In order to reduce paper and streamline the proposal process, the Foundation requires all applications for grants be submitted online. To avoid delays with the proposal review process, please read all directions carefully and have appropriate materials available before beginning the application form.
Step 1 Determine Eligibility: Review information on The George Gund Foundation’s What they Believe to learn about areas of focus. Reading this content will help you determine whether or not your organization is a potential fit for funding.
Step 2 Check your organization’s name and IRS status at GuideStar by candid: Before beginning the application, have your organization’s IRS status and legal name available.
Step 3 Log in or create an account: You will be able to apply for funding online by clicking the Online Grant Application button given on the website. You will be prompted to sign in using an email address and password. If this is your organization’s first-time using the online application system, select “New Applicant” and follow the prompts.
Step 4 Complete the application: The online application system is designed to make the application process as easy as possible for the grantees. You will be asked to enter your organization’s IRS classification to verify your charitable designation. If you are working with a fiscal sponsor, please enter that group’s EIN.
Step 5 Attachments: Review the list of attachments needed to submit a proposal. Any missing required documents will result in the delay of consideration of your proposal.
For more information, visit https://gundfoundation.org/grantmaking/apply-for-a-grant/

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