Up to $5,000 available under CANIE Micro-Grants Program in Canada

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Up to $5,000 available under CANIE Micro-Grants Program in Canada

Deadline: 10-Jan-22

The Innovators & Entrepreneurs Foundation (IEF) has announced a funding call for the CANIE Micro-Grants Program to support entrepreneurs in marginalized communities across Canada.

What are the Grant options?
The Foundation has taken time to consider how to get the grants where they are needed quickly but also the industry sectors and businesses who have been particularly affected by the challenging events of the last couple of years.

NOTE: As the Foundation continues to grow and scale they commit to adding more micro-grants ensuring greater suite of options.

Grant 1 – The Creative Entrepreneurs Grant – $5,000: The purpose of this grant is to support entrepreneurs in creative industries (art, music, entertainment, fashion, independent media, design services etc.) with their business development and growth.
Grant 2 – UPS Product Innovation Grant – $5,000: The Product Innovation Grant will be awarded to entrepreneurs developing innovative products across any industry sector.
Grant 3 – UPS Global Impact Grant – $5,000: The UPS Global Impact Grant aims to recognize entrepreneurs and innovators in marginalized communities making a social/environmental impact that transcends national borders through innovative products.
Grant 4 – The Crisis Grant – $5,000: The Crisis Grant’s purpose is to aims to an entrepreneur or innovator who has been affected by natural disasters or been directly impacted by the effects of COVID.
NOTE: These grants will be complemented by a communications campaign that will highlight grant recipients by featuring their story on IEF social channels.

Eligibility Criteria
IEF welcomes applications from all business owners from any recognized group within Canada. These include but are not limited to the following:

Indigenous Peoples
People of Colour
Military Veterans
New Immigrants
Applicants must have been officially running their business for at least 1 full year.

For more information, visit https://www.ief-fie.ca/the-canie-microgrants/