W National Parks recruits 01 Intelligence Mentor

W Natonal Pak t 01 Intllgn Mnto

Pndja/W Natonal Pak


Poton Ttl : Intllgn Mnto – Pndja & W Natonal Pak Loaton : Bnn,Opaton Ba, Pndja & W Natonal PakRpotng to : Pndja & W Natonal Pak Manag, APN Intllgn ManagDt Rpot : Pak lvl ntllgn nt manag and analytStat dat : 1t Dm 2020Typ of ontat : Fll Tm jo wth a fxd tm ontat Clong dat : 18thOto 2020 ABOUT AFRICAN PARKS Afan Pak a non-poft oganzaton that tak on th omplt ponlty fo th haltaton and long-tm managmnt of natonal pak n patnhp wth govnmnt and loal ommnt.W ntly manag 18 natonal pak and pottd aa n 11 ont ovng ov 14.1 mllon hta n: Angola, Bnn, Cntal Afan Rpl, Chad, th Dmoat Rpl of Congo, Malaw, Mozamq, th Rpl of Congo, Rwanda, Zama and Zmaw.Sn 2017, Bnn Govnmnt ha ntd nto a long-tm agmnt wth Afan Pak to vtalz, haltat and dvlop oth Pndja and W Natonal Pak. Togth, th two Pak fom a gnfant poton of th W-Aly-Pndja (WAP) Complx, a gloally gnfant tanonday landap pntng th lagt ntat wld oytm n Wt Afa.Afan Pak kng a fll-tm Intllgn Mntofo Pndja and W Natonal Pak n Bnn. Th poton to had twn th two pak and pnt an xtng oppotnty to wok wth a nq onvaton oganzaton, ddatd to pottng Afa’ wldlf and manng wld pla. W a lookng fo a hghly oganzd, lf-motvatd and paonat ndvdal to manag all apt of th Intllgn n th WAP Complx. Th ndvdal wll mnto o dynam ntllgn tam and ppot th wok w a ayng ot to hlp th ft of wldlf and th popl lvng aond th pottd aa.Th a pal oppotnty to wok wth an oganzaton that ayng ot om of th mot mpatfl onvaton wok ao Afa.  SPECIFIC DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES Th Intllgn Mnto ponl fo dvlopng n aodan wth Afan Pak SOP and n onltaton wth th APN Cntal Analyt an ndvdal and lnkd ntllgn fnton fo W and Pndja Natonal Pak. Exptd Ky Pfoman Aa to ahv a a follow:• Condt an amnt of th xtng ntllgn and nvtgaton apalty n Pndja and W Natonal Pak;• In onltaton wth th APN Intllgn Managand Pak managmnt, mt a popoal fo th hman o tt of th ntllgn and nvtgaton nt n oth pak;• In onltaton wth th APN Intllgn Managand Pak managmnt, mt a popoal fo ntgaton of th ntllgn nt of oth pak and th opaton of th nt n th aa of ponlty, nfln and ntt;• In onltaton wth th APN Intllgn Managand Pak managmnt, mt a tanng plan fo th pmay tanng and th mntohp of th ntllgn nt mm fo oth pak;• Coodnat and lad th hng po fo all nw ntllgn taff mm;• Condt a and advand tanng fo nvtgato, analyt and ntllgn manag n oth pak;• Condt opatonal mntohp of th nvtgaton nt and pv th ntgaton of ntllgn-­?lad opaton wthn th law nfomnt nt of oth pak;• In onltaton wth th APN Intllgn Manag and Pak managmnt, oodnat and ov th ntgaton of th ndvdal pak ntllgn fnton ao th Bnn WAP Complx a wll a wth natonal ntllgn fnton. QUALIFICATIONS W a lookng fo omon who paonat aot onvaton and want to pat of a gowng, dynam tam who ponl fo ntllgn managmnt of Afan Pak. Idally, th pon th poton a an xtng oppotnty to hlp av wldlf and wld pla ao th ontnnt. Idally, th anddat ha th followng o ompaal qalfaton: • Mltay o Law Enfomnt akgond taly fnd;• Expn ondtng and tahng hman ntllgn dpln;• Expn ondtng and tahng nfomaton analyt;• Expn managng an ntllgn nt;• Expn ondtng and tahng nvtgaton;• Knowldg of o al to lan ntllgn analyt and gopatal oftwa;• Knowldg of o al to lan nvtgaton oftwa and thnology;• Expn wokng n Afa;• Fnh flny, Englh pofny;• Rofl, lnt and lal;• Al to ahv mon wokng atonomoly o wth lttl ppot n low-od nvonmnt fo xtndd pod;• Alty to wok wll wthn a tam and apt onttv tm;• Goal-ontd, lf-motvatd, atv, hghly flxl and adaptal to hang;• Adhon to Afan Pak val. COMPENSATION • Commnat wth xpn HOW TO APPLY Pla mt na ngl PDF fomatyo CV, ov ltt and poof of latd wok xpn xplanng why yo a a tal anddat, along wth th fn  to  [email protected] wth jt hadng: “Intllgn Mnto poton_LAST NAME”.  Shold yo not ha ak fom wthn 2 wk aft long dat, pla tak t that yo applaton wa nfl

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