Wärtsilä recruits 01 Tax Controller

Wätlä t 01 Tax Contoll

Jo dpton

Wätlä an nnovatv thnology ompany known fo ng a fonn n th Man and Engy makt. Evy day, w – Wätlan – pt o hat and mnd nto tnng Wätlä’ ppo of nalng tanal ot wth mat thnology, and o Smat Man and Engy von nto alty. O ltmat am  to povd nad val to oth o tom and oty. Nw, gam-hangng da and ontno mpovmnt hav n pat of o DNA n 1834. Dd yo know that Wätlä ha 70 GW of ntalld pow plant apaty n 177 ont aond th wold? Togth, w an at nw n oppotnt and mo tanal ft that w an all pod of.

W want to tanton th wold towad a lan ft. By phng th onda of ngnng and thnology, w an mak t wok. W a alway on th lookot fo ft-ontd talnt – want to jon th d?

W a now lookng fo a tom-ontd and ngt Tax Contoll – Wt & Cntal Afa to jon th Fnanal Stattoy Aontng Sv (FSAS) tam n Watla. FSAS ppot th Watla ompan n matt of fnanal aontng o oth opatonal tak and at a a gatkp to n omplan. W a tvng fo a hamonzd on gloal Watla way of wokng woldwd wth hgh qalty, tmly, fftv and ffnt fnanal potng and omplan po. FSAS alo fo on ontno dvlopmnt and opatonal xlln.

Th loaton fo th poton n Daka, Sngal.

Tak hag of tax adt – data ollton and flow, ommnaton wth onltant/ tax athot. Ov opoat tax flng Indt tax hkng Sppot oth takhold n tax latd matt g HR n payoll tax; Bn n  .; PE k analy Tanf png matt.

Lat applaton dat: 31/10/2020

Th Wätlä

Wätlä a gloal lad n mat thnolog and omplt lfyl olton fo th man and ngy makt. By mphang tanal nnovaton, total ffny and data analyt, Wätlä maxm th nvonmntal and onom pfoman of th vl and pow plant of t tom. In 2019, Wätlä’ nt al totalld EUR 5.2 llon wth appoxmatly 19,000 mploy. Th ompany ha opaton n ov 200 loaton n mo than 80 ont aond th wold. Wätlä ltd on Nadaq Hlnk. Fnd ot mo at  www.watla.om

Po potl à pot vllz vt  a.watla.om .

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