WCS recruits 01 Director of Finance

WCS t 01 Dto of Fnan, Madagaa Pogam

Wldlf Convaton Soty (WCS)

Hmanta (ONG, Aoaton, …), Pojt/pogamm d dévloppmnt

Dto of Fnan, Madagaa Pogam Rpot to: WCS Madagaa Conty Dto wth a dottd-ln pot to th WCS Comptoll and Gloal CFO (ad n Nw Yok hadqat [WCS-NY]) Loaton: Antananavo, Madagaa Conty Pogam/Sto: Madagaa Pogam / Eat Afa, Madagaa and Wtn Indan Oan (EAMWIO) Rgon Poton Typ: Fll-tm Applaton dadln: 30 Oto 2020 Intnal laon: Rgonal Fnanal Comptoll and Conty pogam taff Exptd tavl: Loal tavl to fld t a nay Oganzaton Bakgond: Th Wldlf Convaton Soty (WCS) a US non-poft, tax-xmpt, pvat oganzaton talhd n 1895 that av wldlf and wld pla y ndtandng tal , aftng n-ad olton, and takng onvaton aton that nft nat and hmanty. Wth mo than a nty of xpn, long-tm ommtmnt n dozn of landap, pn n mo than 60 naton, and xpn hlpng to talh ov 150 pottd aa ao th glo, WCS ha amad th ologal knowldg, ltal ndtandng and patnhp to n that vant, wld pla and wldlf thv alongd loal ommnt. Wokng wth loal ommnt and oganzaton, that knowldg appld to add p, hatat and oytm managmnt tal to mpovng th qalty of lf of poo al popl who lvlhood dpnd on th dt tlzaton of natal o. Madagaa Pogam Ovvw: Th WCS Madagaa Pogam ha n wokng n Madagaa n 1993 to n th long-tm onvaton of th onty’ nq ologal dvty wth a fo on atvt n o poty landap and aap. Th WCS Madagaa Pogam wok to n th long-tm onvaton of th onty’ nq ologal dvty wth a fo on atvt n o poty landap/aap. W ahv th thogh ttal and man pottd aa managmnt, ngagmnt wth loal ommnt to ppot thm to om fftv twad of natal o, nvonmntal daton, and a pogam of appld onvaton n. WCS’ ntvnton a fod n th MaMaBay (Maka-Maoala-Antongl Bay) landap/aap pogam n th nothat of Madagaa wth ntvnton n and aond Maka Natal Pak – wh WCS th dlgatd manag of th Pak, Maoala Natonal Pak, and Antongl Bay. W alo wok n th othwt and nothwt of th onty to ppot th managmnt of a ntwok of loally managd man aa, nvonmntal daton and ommnty ngagmnt, a wll a ah and onvaton of man mammal. Jo Smmay: Th poton hold wll n hag of all fnanal managmnt atvt of WCS Madagaa. Fth, th ol ponl fo oodnatng all fnanal and aontng managmnt atvt of th WCS Madagaa Conty Pogam to n omplan wth GAAP and WCS fnanal pol & pod, dono and tattoy qmnt, paymnt, pt and ah managmnt, and n ompltn and aay of Madagaa Conty Pogam fnanal aont. Th ol wll ppa aat and omplt fnanal pot of all WCS atvt n omplan wth WCS aontng pol & pod and appopat gant dono qmnt. Th Fnan Dto wll lad n nng that o a d, afgadd and tlzd fo ntndd ppo. Th ol wll n th povon of fnanal pfoman nght, ppot fo fnanal plannng, fnd managmnt and nan ov th fnanal ontol nvonmnt. Majo Rponlt : Fnanal Plannng and Bdgtnggdan and ppot povdd to PI (Pojt Invtgato) to dvlop th annal plan and th onty pogam annal dgt n ln wth oganzatonal pol and dono ommtmnt.Sppot th Dto of pogam and St Coodnato to onoldat all plan and popoal Fnan managmnt Appoval of all DAC (phang qt), OM (domnt tavl/ tavl athozaton) and DE (Hng qt) latd to xpndt fo Had Off n Antananavo, Soth Wt and Noth Wt t.Chk th SAP monthly odngRponl fo monthly dgtng fo monthly ah qt to Nw Yok Managmnt, potng and Bdgtay ContolAnalyz th dgtng and th n at of th onty pogam, th fnd of ah gant y wokng loly wth PI, Fnan Off and ay ot adjtmnt a nay.At ya nd, povdng adqat fnanal and managmnt analy fo don makngPpa and mt tmly monthly and ya-nd pot and qd hdl to th Had Off n Nw Yok, tmly and aat pot to all dono and th Malagay govnmnt Intnal Contol, Rk Managmnt and Stattoy omplanEn mplmntaton of th CP fnan pol and pod a qd n od that hang ntodd y WCS gloally, aontng tandad and loal law a ompld wth.En omplan wth all tattoy and glatoy qmnt of loal govnmnt and dono .g. wthholdng tax fo ontat, p dm wthn tattoy lmt, t.Co-odnat ntnal and xtnal adtSppot and vw th dvlopmnt of fnanal plan fo fndng popoal and monto xpndt agant gant agmnt, wokng wth th Conty Dto and SMT mm to olv a nay.Ppa Ppln (Gant Managmnt Fom) n a qatly a Fnanal Sytm Povd ppot n managng th onty pogam fnanal ytm (SAP) nng nfomaton aptd n th ytm a aat, omplt and adqat.En SAP ytm atvt a oodnatd fo fftv ppot, kll dvlopmnt and fl pgad. Popl Ladhp Efftvly manag pfoman; dvlopng tam mm n od to maxmz th ontton to th tam and oganzatonSpvon of th wok of th  Fnan Spalt, Fnan Off fo Antananavo and Maoantta and th Pomnt Off Expn / Tanng Expn and Thnal Skll Bahlo of Aontany Dg o qvalnt aontng qalfaton fom ognzd nttton.Mnmm of 5 ya pot qalfaton xpn, of whh at lat 2 ya mt at a no managmnt lvlExpn n montong dgt, ah flow managmnt and ytm dvlopmnt.Dmontatd ond and n-dpth knowldg of GAAP, Fnanal Aontng, Managmnt Aontng, Fnanal Managmnt, and Taxaton Law of Madagaa.Expn ng an ERP ytmAdvand knowldg of Exl dalPopl managmnt xpn dal.Knowldg of aontng fo non-poft oganzaton and dono glaton a dal Skll and Alt Attnton to dtalAlty to wok nd p.Exllnt plannng and potzaton kll. Dmontatd alty to mt dadlnStong analytal/polm olvng kll.Alty to wok ndpndntly and alo to wok fftvly n a dv tam nvonmnt.Exllnt ommnaton kll (oal and wttn).Al to dmontat ommtmnt to WCS’ Val and a wokng tyl and appoah that flt th How to apply Applaton fl ontng of motvaton ltt, CV and xptd alay  to nt fo 30 Oto, 2020 to th followng add: WCS « Rtmnt Dto of Fnan » BP 8500 Soavmahoaka – 101 Antananavo O y mal at:     [email protected]   opyng   [email protected]

Th fll tm of fn of th poton an qtd y malng th followng add:  [email protected]

#LI-SM1 WCS an qal oppotnty mploy and th oganzaton ompl wth all mploymnt and lao law and glaton that poht dmnaton n hng and n that anddat fom all akgond a faly and ontntly ondd dng th tmnt po. W a ddatd to hng and ppotng a dv wokfo. W a ommttd to ltvatng an nlv wok nvonmnt and look fo ft tam mm who ha that am val Th oganzaton povd qal mploymnt oppotnt fo all qalfd anddat. Th oganzaton do not dmnat fo mploymnt ad on ag, olo, dalty, gnd dntfy, natonal ogn, a, lgon, xal ontaton, vtan tat, o any oth haatt pottd y law and glaton Pla not that only hot ltd anddat wll ontatd fo ntvw. Clk h to apply jo.ang.om/TGnwUI/Sah/Hom/Hom?patnd=25965&td=5168#joDtal=538172_5168


Town Antananavo Fnton Hman o & Fnanal v Contat # PERMANENT CONTRACT Aa of atvty # OTHER# ENVIRONMENT & CLIMATE Conty# AFRICA# MADAGASCAR Clong dat30/10/2020

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