West Africa Trade & Investment Hub recruits 01 PPP – Finance & Investment Manager

Wt Afa Tad & Invtmnt H t 01 PPP – Fnan & Invtmnt Manag

Poton Loaton:     Daka, Sngal o Adjan, Côt d’Ivo


Catv Aoat Intnatonal a dynam, fat-gowng gloal dvlopmnt fm that palz n daton, onom gowth, dmoat nttton and talzaton. Bad n Wahngton, D.C., Catv ha a fld pn n mo than 25 ont wth a tong lnt potfolo that nld th U.S. Agny fo Intnatonal Dvlopmnt and th Stat Dpatmnt, among oth. Sn t fondng n 1977, Catv ha and a old ptaton among t lnt and wll-gadd y omptto and patn alk.

Pojt Smmay

Th USAID-fndd Wt Afa Tad and Invtmnt H Pojt (hnaft fd to a th Tad H) a fv-ya, $140 mllon tad and nvtmnt faltaton atvty that k to mpov pvat to ompttvn n Wt Afa thogh a makt-ad appoah. By wokng n patnhp wth th pvat to and fotng o-nvtmnt, th pojt wll gnat nw pvat-to aptal nvtmnt nto ky to to at jo and na tad twn th U.S. and Wt Afa, nldng thogh nad tlzaton of th Afan Gowth and Oppotnty At (AGOA). Th pojt omp of th man omponnt:

    Dgn and admntaton of a Co-Invtmnt fnd fo pvat to patnhp, nldng a poton fo patnhp n Rah and Dvlopmnt (R&D) towad nnovatng and modnzng pat n Nga ao fv tagtd val han; Thnal atan (TA) that dtly ppot, oodnat, and ngag wth qalfyng pnt (.., patn and gant) to ahv USAID’ tad and food ty ojtv; Ugntly pond to th onday onom mpat of COVID-19, notaly to 1) na  a of wokng aptal wth fnanal ato, 2) pvnt and mtgat jo lo, and 3) hlp pond to loal and gonal pply han dpton  and hotag of tal mdal ppl and v a wll a fo agltal npt and food tapl.

Thogh th Co-Invtmnt Fnd and thnal atan, th Tad H wll mpov ompan’ alt to xpand n opaton, na podtvty, and at jo that ld on th talnt and apaton of Wt Afa’ gowng poplaton. Th Tad H wll ollaoat on pf ommal oppotnt wth fm, v povd, ah oganzaton, a wll a oth n ntwok ato to a pvat aptal that wll ontt to lag-al jo, xpot and nvtmnt, patlaly wth tong dmontatd o potntal lnk to th U.S. ompan and nvto.

Poton Smmay

Catv Aoat kng a long-tm Pl Pvat Patnhp and Fnan & Invtmnt Manag (PPP – F&I Manag) fo th Tad H to ppot pl pvat patnhp (PPP) nvtmnt pojt to ad n Cot d’Ivo o Sngal and oth Wt Afan ont.  Th poton wll tak a lad ol to ov th mplmntaton of atvt lvant to ldng patnhp wth a wd ang of pvat-to ato and oth patn, nldng, t not lmtd, n aglt, lght manfatng, nwal ngy, n v, and fnanal v. Th PPP – F&I Manag wll ponl fo ompltng plmnay analy of potntal nvtmnt pojt, patnhp modl ttng, ppotng d dlgn ffot (thnal, fnanal, and lgal), ngotaton, and ppotng montong & valaton ffot. Th poton wll alo n that all pojt atvt mt and xd lnt xptaton and a dgnd and mplmntd fo maxmm mpat and ah.

Rpotng and Spvon:

Th PPP – F&I Manag wll pot to th PPP Dto ad n Sngal wth addtonal ppot ng povdd y th Chf of Paty.

Pmay Rponlt

Idntfyng tatg patnhp oppotnt n lo oodnaton wth th PPP Dto and PPP Manag ao th gon to noag pvat to gowth n tatg xpot-ontd to nldng, t not lmtd to, aglt and agltal pong, v to nal gat xpot, gamnt and appal podton, lght manfatng, and nalng fato lk affodal ngy v (nldng nwal ngy), logt, and fnanal v to tmlat xpot. Ladng th dvlopmnt of tatg patnhp wth natonal and ntnatonal oganzaton that lvag o, ptaton, and xpt n ln wth th Tad H’ Co-Invtmnt Fnd ojtv. Engagng wth fnanal nttton (ank, pvat qty, o oth xtnal fnanal ato/vhl) to faltat gat a to fnanng to Tad H’ potntal gant n mtng th nw pvat nvtmnt tagt. Dvlopng omphnv mappng of ky ato n th fnanal to alady opatng o n th po of dvlopng fnanal podt fo th agltal to. Faltatng latonhp twn fnanal nttton and nvto wth val han ato, h a ago-n, to nhan th Tad H’ patn apalt to ah nw pvat nvtmnt tagt. Oganzng and faltatng don wth patn fnanal nttton to famlaz thm wth dffnt typ of agltal to lndng and fnanng oppotnt and a th ntt n lndng and nvtng n SME n th aglt to. Dvlopng vttng fom to a dt wothn of potntal o-nvtmnt applant; Compltng plmnay analy and nvtmnt mmo fo pojt and patn and povd ommndaton fo hotltng. Managng and patpatng n ntnal k vw and pntaton, ondtng popoal mtng, agnng tak and ttng dadln, takng pog, ommnatng nfomaton fom patn and ntnal pojt dpatmnt, and nng that pojt’ thnal and ontatal qmnt and dadln a mt. Ovng th ollot of all gant atvt and potng whl wokng loly wth th Chf of Paty, Dpty Chf of Paty, Montong and Evalaton Dto, Gant Manag, Gnd Spalt, and oth lvant tam mm. Povdng npt fo pojt annal wok plan n aodan wth th Tad H op.

Rqd Skll and Qalfaton
Mat’ dg n n, fnan, onom, o latd fld, Mnmm of ght (8) ya of wok xpn, pfaly n a fnanal nttton. Expn n pogam latd to agltal atvt dd. Po ankng xpn valatng loan potfolo and pntng lnd fl to ank dt ommtt fo lndng don hghly pfd. Expn ngagng pvat to patn and fogng pl-pvat patnhp n Wt Afan ont. Dmontatd alty to wok ollaoatvly wth ntttonal and pvat to patn and takhold, nldng th natonal govnmnt. Exllnt wttn and pokn ommnaton kll qd, nldng alty to pod hgh-qalty pojt pot and dlv hgh lvl pntaton to lnt and patn. Expn wokng on USAID pogam pfd. Expn managng a pojt wth a hgh volm of gant dd. Wllngn and alty to tavl thoghot Wt Afa Polm olvng, t managmnt and tm managmnt kll a qd Pofnt at ng Mooft off oftwa: MS Wod, Exl, PowPont, Otlook, t.  Po xpn ng w-ad applaton pfd. Expn of wokng n a onflt nvonmnt a pl. Flny n oth Fnh and Englh
How to Apply

Clong Dat: 22nd Sptm 2020.

Qalfd anddat hold nd th ov ltt and CV th a PDF o wod n on domnt to  [email protected]  on o fo th long dat aov.

Loal anddat a tongly noagd to apply.

Only fnalt wll ontatd.  No phon all, pla.

Catv Aoat Intnatonal In. an Eqal Oppotnty Employ: Dalty/Vtan.

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