Women’s Endowment Fund Grants Program (Canada)

Womn’ Endowmnt Fnd Gant Pogam (Canada)

Dadln: 15-Ot-20

Th Womn’ Endowmnt Fnd of th Jwh Fondaton of Mantoa a fnd dgnd to gnat fnanal o fo v that dtly nft womn n Mantoa.

Sd Gant Pfn gvn to pojt whh: Dmontat a dt nft to womn n Mantoa; Enoag th advanmnt of womn n Mantoa; Pomot volnt patpaton and tzn nvolvmnt; Povd a to oal v, halthy lvng, and daton; Stngthn th oganzaton’ alty to povd nnovatv and atv pojt. Elglty Cta Only gtd hat a lgl fo gant fom th Jwh Fondaton of Mantoa; Pojt mt nft womn n Mantoa; Plot pojt mt povd a plan fo ft fndng yond th plot tag; Pojt wll only fndd on. Gant a not mad fo: Pojt o pogam that a alady n pog; Fndang appal h a mmhp and ponohp; Ongong opaton of an oganzaton. Fo mo nfomaton, vt http://t.ly/2GG528

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