World Bank recruits 01 Senior Investment Officer

Wold Bank t 01 Sno Invtmnt Off

Jo Dpton

IFC—a t oganzaton of th Wold Bank and mm of th Wold Bank Gop— th lagt gloal dvlopmnt nttton fod on th pvat to n mgng makt. W wok n mo than 100 ont, ng o aptal, xpt, and nfln to at makt and oppotnt n dvlopng ont. In fal ya 2019, w nvtd mo than $19 llon n pvat ompan and fnanal nttton n dvlopng ont, lvagng th pow of th pvat to to nd xtm povty and oot had popty. Fo mo nfomaton, vt www.f.og.

FIG tng on Sno Invtmnt Off (“SIO”) to jon th nvtmnt and potfolo tam whh manag and monto IFC’ fnanal to nvtmnt, nldng nvtmnt that ppot th nttton’ gonal xpanon ao Afa. Th Sno Invtmnt Off wll pot to th FIG Rgonal Indty Potfolo Manag ovng Wt and Cntal Afa (WCA).

Th poton wll ad n Daka, Sngal.

Dt and Aontalt

En th tmln and qalty of potfolo aton (h a ttng, qty al, loan onvon) a wll a gla wav and amndmnt; Contt to th atv managmnt of th FIG qty potfolo fod on val add a wll a qty al that n fl xt; Pfom gla at valaton and mak ommndaton on loan lo v and wt-down; Coodnat a lvant wth CSO on hdlng and ttng taton; En tmly, aat and “val addd” gla montong and potng on th potfolo; povd aly wanng fo at at k; Spv omplan wth IFC fnanal, nvonmntal, lgal and oth qmnt; Povd qalty ontol to omplan potng and to potfolo tanaton lk ght , tm modfaton and dtohp nomnaton; Contt th potfolo pptv to tatgy dvlopmnt fo IFC’ FIG n n th MEA gon, n ppot of th gonal potfolo manag; Staff potfolo pojt wth th appopat tam wth th vw to dploy t thnal xpt and povd t pol lnt v, whl kpng n mnd a and tanng dvlopmnt nd of IFC taff.
Slton Cta
MBA o qvalnt qalfaton; At lat 8-12 ya xpn n th fnanal to, nldng a old opatonal ndtandng of ommal ank and oth fnanal ntt n Wt Afa n patla, and th Afa gon n gnal; Expn n fnan wth a povn tak-od of ong, ttng and long nvtmnt n FIG to; Knowldg of ovall ndty to tnd, xpn n mgng makt a pl; Stong n dvlopmnt and lnt latonhp kll, tak od and alty to fo on lnt nd fftvly; Sond n jdgmnt n dntfyng potntal n patn; Stong fnanal and dt kll; dmontatd alty to tt a vaty of omplx fnanal ntmnt (dt and qty); Alty to ntat dtly and ndpndntly wth th no managmnt of potntal lnt, of fnanal and thnal patn a wll a no govnmnt offal; Exllnt val and wttn ommnaton kll n Englh qd, a wll a wokng knowldg of Fnh; Stong nt-ponal kll, alty to ntat fftvly wth lnt and ollag fom vao ltal akgond; Alty to mnto jno nvtmnt taff; Hghly motvatd, ommttd to hght thal tandad; and Gnn ommtmnt to tanal dvlopmnt.

Povty ha no od, nth do xlln. W d a of o dffn and w ontnoly ah fo qalfd ndvdal wth dv akgond fom aond th glo.

Applaton dadln: 21 Ot 2020.

Po potl à pot vllz vt .

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