World Food Programme recruits 01 Reporting Officer NOA

Wold Food Pogamm t 01 Rpotng Off NOA

Wold Food Pogamm

Hmanta (ONG, Aoaton, …), Pojt/pogamm d dévloppmnt

Oppotnté d aè : Rpotng Off NOA Fxd Tm Contat (127186) WFP k anddat of th hght ntgty and pofonalm who ha o hmantaan pnpl. Slton of taff mad on a ompttv a, and w a ommttd to pomotng dvty and gnd alan. ABOUT WFP Th Untd Naton Wold Food Pogamm th wold’ lagt hmantaan agny fghtng hng woldwd.  Th mon of WFP to hlp th wold ahv Zo Hng n o lftm.  Evy day, WFP wok woldwd to n that no hld go to d hngy and that th poot and mot vlnal, patlaly womn and hldn, an a th ntto food thy nd. ORGANIZATIONAL CONTEXT WFP Tanzana’ Commnaton and Patnhp Unt am to nhan pl awan and ndtandng of WFP’ wok n th onty. It am to mpov and ognton thogh a vaty of ommnaton avn to appal to a wd an adn a pol. Th Unt’ wok xtnd to nld WFP’ patnhp wth dono. In th gad, th Unt’ wok pad ov a ptm of tak whh nld ngagng wth dono, dvlopng popoal, dtng pot and pondng to dono q. JOB PURPOSE Rpotng to th Had of Unt, th anddat wll ppot all Opatonal Infomaton Managmnt and Pfoman Rpotng (OIM & PR) atvt and ontt to th talhmnt and pntaton of tandad opatng pt of WFP pogamm potfolo and aoatd lt that faltat nfomd and tmly don-makng at all lvl thoghot th oganaton.  KEY ACCOUNTABILITIES (not all-nlv) 1. Sppot taff n agnd aa to n that tandad OIM & PR pod and tmplat a followd to dv th qalty, ontny and tandadaton of nfomaton managmnt and pfoman potng ao WFP.2. Collat lvant nfomaton and data fom mda and loal ntnal and xtnal o to faltat and maxmz th xhang of nfomaton and data flow twn fntonal aa ntwok n WFP, to povd opatonal awan and ndtandng of vnt that may hav hmantaan and/o opatonal mpat.3. Sppot th ollaton and dmnaton of poltal and hmantaan analy ptanng to WFP nt o ft pon and dono pol, tnd and pfn to n onty pf npt to WFP’ opatonal potng.4. Sppot th ollaton, analy and ommnaton of th ‘Ental Elmnt of Infomaton’, ptanng to th opatonal nvonmnt and avalal hman, fnanal and phyal at n od to faltat a to tmly and aat nfomaton d at onty, gonal and opoat lvl.5. Patpat n th ttng of and povdng fdak on SPR Intllgnt Nxt Gnaton ytm fat and fnton.6. Sppot th ppaaton of Standad Pojt Rpot (SPR) fo th Annal Rpotng Ex n ollaoaton wth th onty off pogamm, montong & valaton, logt and o managmnt fnton y oodnatng to n ohn and qalty of pfoman nfomaton.7. Collaoat wth ontpat ntnally to n ontny n hmantaan nfomaton and to omplmnt WFP analy and nfomaton.8. Sppot th nhanmnt of th apaty of WFP taff and patn to fftvly manag opatonal nfomaton and pfoman potng, fo xampl thogh hdlng th dlvy of th OIM & PR tanng on o omptn.9. Sppot CO n mgn y ppang, oganng and povdng taal ppot to Opatonal Tak Fo (OTF).10. Povd fdak on atvt aoatd wth th Copoat Pfoman Rpotng Impovmnt.11. Sppot th ntatv fo dvlopng mpovd, tamlnd, and hamonzd OIM & PR nldng daftng of OIM & PR latd nomatv gdan, a qd.12. Sppot th aan of dfnd qalty tandad n all po and podt.13. Oth a qd. STANDARD MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS Edaton :  Advand Unvty dg n Poltal Sn, Eonom, Statt, Infomaton Managmnt o Jonalm, Bn Managmnt, Soal Sn o oth lvant fld, o Ft Unvty dg wth addtonal ya of latd wok xpn and/o tanng/o. Expn :  Typally on ya o mo of potgadat pofonal xpn n a lvant fld of wok, wth a akgond and ntt n ntnatonal hmantaan dvlopmnt. Knowldg & Skll : • Gnal knowldg of nfomaton managmnt t pat, thnq and po wth om ndtandng of th a thotal akgond.• Stong wttn and oal ommnaton kll, nldng tantv analy and pot wtng kll.• Knowldg of, o th alty to qkly amlat, UN/WFP pf po and ytm. Langag :  Flny (lvl C) n Englh langag and Swahl. 4P CORE ORGANISATIONAL CAPABILITIES Ppo  • Undtand and ommnat th Statg Ojtv: Undtand WFP’ Statg Ojtv and th lnk to own wok ojtv. • B a fo fo potv hang: Flxly adapt ndvdal ontton to aommodat hang n dton fom pvo and ntnal/xtnal hang (h a volvng nd of nfa, nw qmnt of patn). • Mak th mon npng to o tam: Rognz and ha wth tam mm th way n whh ndvdal ontton lat to WFP’ mon. • Mak o mon vl n vyday aton: St own goal n algnmnt wth WFP’ ovall opaton, and al to ommnat th lnk to oth. Popl  • Look fo way to tngthn popl’ kll: A own tngth and wakn to na lf-awan, and nld th n onvaton on own dvlopmntal nd. • Cat an nlv lt: Patpat n opn dalog, and val th dv opnon of oth, gadl of akgond, lt, xpn, o onty agnmnt. • B a oah & povd onttv fdak: Poatvly k fdak and oahng to ld onfdn, and dvlop and mpov ndvdal kll. • Cat an “I wll”/”W wll” pt: Patpat n aomplhng tam atvt and goal n th fa of hallngng mtan. Pfoman  • Enoag nnovaton & atv olton: Show wllngn to xplo and xpmnt wth nw da and appoah n own wok. • Fo on gttng lt: Contntly dlv lt wthn ndvdal op of wok on tm, on dgt and wthot o. • Mak ommtmnt and mak good on ommtmnt: Commt to pholdng ndvdal aontalt and ponlt n th fa of v-hangng onty o fntonal pot. • B Dv: Mak atonal don aot ndvdal atvt whn fad wth ntan mtan, nldng n tm of amgty gadng nfomaton o manag dton. Patnhp  • Connt and ha ao WFP nt: Sk to ndtand and adapt to ntnal o o-nt tam’ pot and pfd wokng tyl. • Bld tong xtnal patnhp: Dmontat alty to ndtand and appopatly pond to and/o alat nd of xtnal patn. • B poltally agl & adaptal: Potay an nfomd and pofonal dmano towad ntnal and xtnal patn and takhold. • B la aot th val WFP ng to patnhp: Povd opatonal ppot on analy and amnt that qantf and dmontat WFP’ nq val a a patn. TERMS AND CONDITIONS Only hot-ltd anddat wll ondtd.  DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS Th applaton dadln: 23 Oto 2020  Fmal applant and qalfd applant fom dvlopng ont a pally noagd to apply WFP ha zo tolan fo dmnaton and do not dmnat on th a of HIV/AIDS tat. No appontmnt nd any knd of ontat wll offd to mm of th UN Advoy Commtt on Admntatv and Bdgtay Qton (ACABQ), Intnatonal Cvl Sv Common (ICSC), FAO Fnan Commtt, WFP Extnal Adto, WFP Adt Commtt, Jont Inpton Unt (JIU) and oth mla od wthn th Untd Naton ytm wth ovght ponlt ov WFP, oth dng th v and wthn th ya of ang that v. POSTULER

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