World Food Programme recruits 01 Vulnerability Analysis and Mapping Consultant

Wold Food Pogamm t 01 Vlnalty Analy and Mappng Conltant

Wold Food Pogamm

Hmanta (ONG, Aoaton, …), Pojt/pogamm d dévloppmnt

Oppotnté d aè : Vlnalty Analy and Mappng Conltant, SSA6 – Landa, Angola (6 month, nwal ontat) (125103) WFP k anddat of th hght ntgty and pofonalm who ha o hmantaan pnpl. Slton of taff mad on a ompttv a, and w a ommttd to pomotng dvty and gnd alan. ABOUT WFP  Th Untd Naton Wold Food Pogamm th wold’ lagt hmantaan agny fghtng hng woldwd. Th mon of WFP to nd gloal hng. Evy day, WFP wok woldwd to n that no hld go to d hngy and that th poot and mot vlnal, patlaly womn and hldn, an a th ntto food thy nd. In mgn, WFP gt food to wh t ndd, avng th lv of vtm of wa, vl onflt and natal dat. Aft an mgny, WFP food to hlp ommnt ld th hattd lv. Pnt n naly 80 ont, th oganzaton ha th gloal footpnt, dp fld pn and loal knowldg and latonhp nay to povd a to ntto food and ontt to th latng olton, pally n many of th wold’ mot mot and fagl aa. W manag an opatng dgt of appoxmatly $5.9 llon ah ya, dttng 12.6 llon aton to tho mot n nd. W ah an avag of 80 mllon popl wth food atan n aond 80 ont ah ya. Th Wold Food Pogamm off n Johanng a Rgonal Off oodnatng and ppotng th dlvy of hmantaan atan to 11 Sothn Afa ont nldng, Mozamq, Zmaw, Zama, Nama, Lotho, Ewatn, Botwana, Malaw, Madagaa, Dmoat Rpl of Congo, Congo Bazzavll. Fo mo on WFP and what w do, pla go to  http://www.wfp.og/vdo/zo-hng BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE OF THE ASSIGNMENT  Angola a o h onty that ha mad tantal onom and poltal pog n th nd of vl wa n 2002. It ontn to fa gnfant hallng howv, nldng havy dpndn on ol, maoonom ntalty, gnd nqalty and lag pokt of popl md n povty and lakng a to a oal v. Angola alo fa gnfant hmantaan hallng a th hot of mo than 70,000 fg and aylm k, motly fom th nghong Dmoat Rpl of th Congo and lo to 600,000 popl fang v food nty (IPC pha 3 and 4) n th othn povn. Wth a nw fom-ontd govnmnt, Angola now ha a wndow of oppotnty to gn a pod of mo nlv and tanal gowth that ppot qtal otom. Th a onn amongt don mak and takhold that mo omphnv and tanal appoah a qd, along wth a ot and oodnatd dvlopmnt plan. Th hold omplmntd y adqat oal atan pogamm and dat pon ntvnton to fftvly add long tandng of povty and ndntton n Angola. Althogh tantal ffot hav n mad to gnat nfomaton fl fo pogammng and plannng ppo, mpotant gap man fo dvlopmnt pot, oal atan and dat pon ntvnton. Th man a nd to flly ndtand th dv of vlnalt, apat of govnmnt and apat of ytm to pond and op wth th ongong and ft hallng. Coodnatng nfomaton n Angola omplx d to dv ago-lmat and oo-onom ondton, gonal malan, nontn n data ollton mthodolog, lmtd gogaph fo of amnt and a dfflty of dmnatng nfomaton. Fthmo, th a gnal lak of aln nfomaton to nfom nt amnt. BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE OF THE ASSIGNMENT ontnd   Ao th onty th qalty and qantty of dl, tmly and don-fod food ty nfomaton man xtmly vaal n tm of ovag and fqny. Lmtd nfomaton and nalty to povd ytmat analy at th toal lvl ontn to hnd vdn-ad pogammng. Und th nt tght fnanal and dgtay pol, t nangly mpotant to n that pogammng lt-ontd and vdn-ad. In od to ahv th, t mpatv that a omphnv and mo gla nt-toal analy mad avalal at th natonal and loal lvl thogh fqnt pot that an gd pogammng nd. Wthot a ytmat food ty nfomaton ytm, t hallngng to a loal food ty taton and t volton, makng t dfflt to dntfy th vty and magntd of food nty and t a, and to dvlop ond aton plan togth wth pop mpat valaton of th atvt and pogamm mplmntd. A o fo pondng to th hallng a lmtd n laton to th nd, t mpatv fo Govnmnt, Fnanal nttton, UN agn and NGO to tatgally tagt pogamm wth ondaton fo lvl of food nty and ndlyng a of vlnalty. Tmly food ty nfomaton podt a ntal to gd th ffot and wll at n th aton of old vdn fo don makng gadng th lvl and typ of aton qd to pond to tho nd. In May 2019, th Govnmnt of Angola gnd an MoU wth WFP qtng thnal ppot fo tngthnng apaty fo vlnalty analy, food ty and ntton montong. Wth xtnv povn xpn n food ty analy vdnd thogh th ntgatd food ty pha lafaton (IPC), and Vlnalty Analy and Mappng, a wll a wth th ppot that WFP ntly povdng to th SADC-Rgonal Vlnalty Amnt and Analy pogamm (RVAA), WFP wll td to lad th pojt amng at mpovng th thnal oodnaton and th povon of dtald ytmat food ty analy n Angola. KEY ACCOUNTABILITIES (not all-nlv)  Und ovall pvon and th thnal gdan of th VAM Off n Angola, th Vlnalty Analy and Mappng Conltant (VAM) and wth tan dg of ndpndn povd wll ppad, analytal wok, manag pojt wth fo on food ty and vlnalty . Povd fftv thnal ppot n ondtng amnt, food ty montong, mantan dataa, t; ld fftv ollaoaton wth oth WFP nt; ppot, tan taff on food ty and vlnalty; gd and/o pv Gnal Sv taff.  1. Contt to th dvlopmnt of VAM pojt and atvt, plan and po, nng algnmnt wth wd WFP Angola VAM pol and gdan. 2. Sppot th dvlopmnt of ytm and tool fo th food ty and ntton montong and vao typ of amnt of food atan nd n ln wth VAM mthodolog and t pat. 3. Sppot th ppaaton of tmly pot on vao food ty and ntton amnt nd n ln wth wd VAM pol, po and gdan to nal fftv don-makng. 4. Povd atan on th oodnaton of data gathng and montong ytm nng that goo qalty tandad a mantand. 5. Co-faltat tanng of nmato fo food ty and ntton amnt n th povn and mnpalty lvl. 6. Data nty and mantan dataa on food ty, makt p, at malntton and lvant mao-onom ndato on gla a. 7. Analyz gogaph pattn of food nty and vlnalty y ntgatng pmay food ty data wth oth o of data n th Gogaphy Infomaton Sytm (GIS) nvonmnt. 4P CORE ORGANISATIONAL CAPABILITIES Ppo • Undtand and ommnat th Statg Ojtv: Coah tam n th mot fftv way to ommnat WFP’ Statg Ojtv to WFP tam and patn n th fld.• B a fo fo potv hang: Implmnt nw mthod o tool to mpov tam’ wok po and podtvty.• Mak th mon npng to o tam: Map tam’ atvt and tak to pf n nfay ommnt to howa potv mpat.• Mak o mon vl n vyday aton: Explan to tammat how ah nt ontt to th ovall WFP mon. Popl  • Look fo way to tngthn popl’ kll: Idntf kll dvlopmnt oppotnt h a tanng modl o on-th-jo xpn fo lf, ollag and dt pot. • Cat an nlv lt: Faltat tam ldng atvt to ld appot n own nt. • B a oah & povd onttv fdak: Faltat th pang of jno ollag wth oah wthn own tam. • Cat an “I wll”/”W wll” pt: Poatvly antpat potntal hallng and dvlop mtgaton plan to n that tam mt goal and tagt. Pfoman  • Enoag nnovaton & atv olton: Idntf oppotnt to atv n own wok and to hlp tam mo nnovatv and aat n th ptv tak and aa of wok. • Fo on gttng lt: Monto tam’ dlval and povd fdak to n otom a dlvd ontntly and aatly. • Mak ommtmnt and mak good on ommtmnt: Povd aat gdan to tam on xptd ponlt and tak, whlt alo pholdng own ommtmnt to th tam. • B Dv: St an xampl and povd gdan to jno tam mm on whn to alat whn fad wth hallngng n th wokpla o n th fld. Patnhp  • Connt and ha ao WFP nt: Faltat patnhp wth oth WFP nt to aomplh mon n th fld. • Bld tong xtnal patnhp: St an xampl and povd gdan to tam on how to ld latonhp wth xtnal patn. • B poltally agl & adaptal: Atlat to ollag o dt pot th val of onttng to oth WFP tam and agny patnhp n flfllng WFP’ goal and ojtv. • B la aot th val WFP ng to patnhp: Oganz, monto, and potz own and tam’ ffot to n that thy wll flfl th nd of ntnal and xtnal patn. FUNCTIONAL CAPABILITIES Capalty Nam Dpton of th havo xptd fo th pofny lvlPogamm Lfyl & Food Atan Dmontat alty to dntfy ky vaal and ontxtal fato that afft food atan polm and pogamm thoghot th lfyl to nfom qalty pogamm dgn o -dgn.Tanf Modalt (Food, Cah, Voh) Dmontat alty to mplmnt, nd gdan, food atan pogamm dployng th fll ang of tanf modalt wth an ndtandng of a pnpl gdng modalty lton and mplmntaton.Boad Knowldg of Spalzd Aa Undtand a thnal onpt and data and th lvan to food atan pogamm.Emgny Pogammng Dplay apaty to povd npt nto th dvlopmnt, mplmntaton and algnmnt of hgh qalty mgny pogamm.Statg Poly Engagmnt w/Govnmnt Undtand and appl a pnpl of ngagmnt wth govnmnt ontpat at th natonal o loal lvl. STANDARD MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS Edaton :  Hgh hool tfat pl a Dploma/tanng n th latd fld. Expn :  At lat fv ya of wok xpn n food ty and/o ntton amnt and analy o a loly latd aa, h a food ty o aly wanng ytm. Knowldg & Skll :  Hohold data ollton, pong and analy, pot wtng. Wokng knowldg of SPSS and GIS hghly dal. Langag :  Flnt n Englh and Potg DESIRED EXPERIENCES FOR ENTRY INTO THE ROLE • Ha wokd wth thnal tam (.. ntton, VAM, t.).• Ha onttd to mplmntaton of pogamm.• Ha ovd o atd wth poly don. SALARY & BENEFITS   · Go Monthly Salay Rang :  $3,542-00 to $5,625-00  · Bnft :  Mdal Inan  DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS   Th vaany annonmnt wll lo on Thday, 24 Sptm 2020 at 11:59pm Fmal applant and qalfd applant who a Angolan Ctzn a pally noagd to apply . WFP ha zo tolan fo dmnaton and do not dmnat on th a of HIV/AIDS tat. No appontmnt nd any knd of ontat wll offd to mm of th UN Advoy Commtt on Admntatv and Bdgtay Qton (ACABQ), Intnatonal Cvl Sv Common (ICSC), FAO Fnan Commtt, WFP Extnal Adto, WFP Adt Commtt, Jont Inpton Unt (JIU) and oth mla od wthn th Untd Naton ytm wth ovght ponlt ov WFP, oth dng th v and wthn th ya of ang that v. POSTULER

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