World Vision International recruits 01 Policy and Campaigns Specialist

Wold Von Intnatonal t 01 Poly and Campagn Spalt

Wold Von Intnatonal

Hmanta (ONG, Aoaton, …), Pojt/pogamm d dévloppmnt

Jo Dpton Poly and Campagn Spalt      17202-14N02067 Afa Uganda Kampala Advoay Fxd tm, Fll-tm 14-Ot-20 Intnatonal Rol – No – Only Natonal applant wll ondd. 1-2 Ya Bak gond Wold Von Uganda (WVU) a Chtan lf, dvlopmnt and advoay non-govnmnt oganaton ddatd to wokng wth hldn, faml and ommnt to ovom povty and njt. W ntly wok n 43 dtt and hav 48 Aa Pogamm mplmntng pojt n halth & ntton, wat, antaton & hygn (WASH), lvlhood & ln, daton and hld potton. Wold Von (WV) ommttd to th potton of hldn and adlt nfa fom xplotaton and a and wll not mploy popl who akgond not tal fo wokng wth th nfa. All mploymnt ondtond pon th fl omplton of all applal akgond hk, nldng mnal od hk wh pol. D to xpanon n op of o pogamm, w a now kng fo a qalfd and paonat ndvdal wllng to ha n o von and jon th tam n th followng ol. Poton:  Poly and Campagn Spalt Rpot to:  Aoat Dto Advoay Loaton:  Kampala – Natonal Off

Ppo of th poton: Ov- all apt of qalty poly and ampagn ntgaton n thnal pogam, a a ontton towad to pf tatg ojtv, fo tanal hld wllng. Th jo wll nvolv lnkng loal lvl AP poly and dgt advoay to th dtt and to natonal lvl poly po, a wll a vdn ad xtnal ngagmnt, whl nng algnmnt to th WVU Natonal Off Statgy and O Pom 2030. Th Campagn’ Spalt wll alo lad th amplfaton of Wold Von Uganda’ Campagn ntatv at th loal and natonal lvl nldng th pon aa of opaton. Th jo-hold wll wok ollaoatvly wth th Thnal Lad and Pogam Opaton and Rpon Tam to dfn, plan, mplmnt th lvant advoay agnda n ln wth th thnal pogamm tho of hang.

Ky Otpt/Rponlt. -Coodnat mplmntaton of to algnd advoay and ampagn ntatv amd at mpovng v dlvy fo th wll-ng of pally th mot vlnal hldn. -Coodnat apaty nhanmnt fo taff and patn n advoay and ampagnng knowldg and kll fo oth dvlopmnt and hmantaan ontxt. -Povd gdan on ntgaton of poly advoay and ampagn dng tatg plannng and Thnal Pogam fomlaton, a wll a annal opatonal plan nldng th mplmntaton -Sppot montong of poly advoay and ampagn ntatv to a hang and alo domnt lanng xpn fo wd hang. -Contt to o molzaton and tngthnd patnhp fo poly advoay and ampagn wok omponnt.

Qalfaton: Edaton/Knowldg/Thnal Skll and Expn. -Dg n Dvlopmnt Std and oth latd o n Hmant -Povn xpn n poly advoay and ampagn, patnhp ldng, nng lnkag of loal aton to natonal lvl poly po. -Molzaton and awan aton -Bldng nt-wok and oalton -Poly analy and ngagmnt -Rah and analy -Commnaton -Thnal wtng POSTULER

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