Young Edmonton Grants to turn Local Youth’s Ideas into Reality (Canada)

Yong Edmonton Gant to tn Loal Yoth’ Ida nto Ralty (Canada)

Dadln: 15-Ot-20

Th Edmonton Commnty Fondaton kng applaton fo th Yong Edmonton Gant (YEG) pogam.

Sd Gant Edmonton Commnty Fondaton’ Yong Edmonton Gant (YEG) pogam povd loal yoth wth fndng to tn th da nto alty.

Edmonton Commnty Fondaton off val oppotnt fo gtd hat to apply fo fndng. ECF ppot a wd ang of to, ommnty nd, oganzatonal nd, and typ of pojt and pogam.

Fndng Infomaton

Th gant ang fom $500-$3,000 and a avalal fo dnt twn th ag of 13 and 24. ECF wll fnd

Eah applaton wll valatd holtally on t own mt, ondng whth th applant ha dmontatd:

Lklhood of a nft to th gat Edmonton aa; An appopat plan; Th apaty to mplmnt th pojt; A aonal dgt and tmfam; Appopat patn; A plan fo tanalty of th pojt (f applal), mpat, and oganzatonal apaty. Som thng to ond whn applyng

Applant mt gt and atvat an aont to a th onln applaton. All applaton mt add th nfomaton qtd n th applaton fom. Mot knd of atvt an fndd, a long a thy a “ntatd and oganzd” y yong Edmonton and aa dnt (13 to 24 ya). Fndng wll NOT awadd fo any pojt, pogam, o ntatv that: nvolv dt lgo atvty; nvolv patan poltal atvty; nft an ndvdal (h a a holahp); hav alady od; Involv fnd qtd ng dtd to atvt yond th Edmonton aa (.g. dat lf n anoth onty). To v fndng, applant mt patn wth a gtd Canada Rvn Agny (CRA) haty (nld hool). Patn hat wll qd to omplt an onln fom, atomatally nt thogh th onln applaton, ppotng th applant’ pojt. Th patn haty mt awa of th applaton. Fo jno and no hgh hool tdnt, Edmonton Pl o Cathol Shool may wllng to apt gant. A pntatv (Extv Dto o Pnpal) fom yo patn haty mt omplt an onln fom. Fo pot-onday nttton, a dto of tdnt v may th appopat pntatv. Th a on-tm gant. Mlt-ya qt wll not ondd. It antpatd that th nm of applaton wll gat than th fnd that a avalal to d. Not all applaton wll appovd. At th onlon of th pojt o atvty, thy xpt a f pdat aot th ntatv. Th nfomal potng may nld.

a f dpton of th atvt; photo o vdo; notal o lon land; plan fo follow-p atvt (f any). Applaton Po On dtd to th ECF gant applaton onln potal, lk on Rgt n th top ght on. Yo’ll dtd to t p a Unam (mpl and gn tt), nt an -mal add, and pawod (tw to onfm). Aft yo’v mttd th nfomaton, an atomatd -mal wll nt to th -mal add nldd n th gtaton. If yo ddn’t v an atomatd -mal to atvat yo aont n yo nox, t may hav gon nto yo jnk fold. Copy and pat th lnk nldd n th -mal nto a ow and yo aont wll thn atvatd. If yo annot fnd th atvaton -mal, pla ontat thm on th mal povdd on th wt to atvat yo aont. B to nld th nam yo gtd n yo -mal. If yo’v fogottn yo nam o pawod to a th onln applaton, pla -mal thm. If yo hav fogottn yo nam, pla nld th mal add d to atvat th aont. If yo’v fogottn yo pawod, pla nld th th nam o mal add d to atvat th aont. Thy wll a nw tmpoay pawod; yo a ponl fo hangng th pawod on yo hav gand a to th aont. Fo mo nfomaton, vt http://www.fondaton.og/gant/yong-dmonton-gant/

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